The Department of Justice – Criminal Division publishes a document available under the Freedom Of Information Act which is titled Electronic Surveillance Issues. The document additionally has a companion document titled Electronic Surveillance Manual. Reading these documents clearly exposes the issue of why there has been no resolution of any issue in this case.

There is one focal point where an action occurred which caused the case to become unresolvable.

From that point all activity which occurred was intended to either prevent resolution, or manipulate additional people and organizations into liability and further deny resolution.

Constant ex parte contact with the judiciary prevented justice, delayed or denied justice, and corrupted the course of each proceeding. It is from this intentional and corrupt ex parte contact with the judiciary that Sonya Healy acquired impunity to violate every court order and agreement, and additionally be excused when violating the law.

The ex parte contact which occurred between the judges assigned the case and involved the direct actions of Valerie Angst and Rhonda Daniele, Montgomery County Detectives and Montgomery Township Police.

The laws regarding the disclosure of surveillance product, whether legally or illegally obtained, prevent disclosure to anyone within law enforcement, or outside of law enforcement, without proper procedure being followed. The seriousness with which these policies are followed is clearly documented in the Electronic Surveillance Issues document.

From what I have been able to determine, there is only one way to avoid actions for a failure to follow the appropriate procedures in any surveillance matter. The arrest of the target immediately makes all previous surveillance product allowable and acceptable. I suppose it could be said that the end justifies the means.

With that result in mind, the parties involved set about to suggest, enable or cause me to be arrested for a crime which would excuse their years of surveillance. They failed.

Those same parties continued their ex parte communications with the judiciary which delayed and prevented any resolution in the divorce. Their use of Sonya Healy as a named person on the deed to permit the surveillance of the home was just another aspect of their case.

It is this aspect which caused the judiciary to be of the constant expressed and seriously flawed assertion that Terance Healy was preventing the divorce from proceeding, if only because he had not been committing any crime, let alone a crime which would have permitted such invasive surveillance as had been brought about by and with the active participation of the judiciary.

Ex Parte communication is serious activity which affects court proceedings. The affect of ex parte communications in this case has been documented, and the affects have been clearly demonstrated. The ex parte communications has resulted in the complete perversion and prevention of justice in any matter and has further caused the complete denial of life, and liberty, while proceeding with judicial intent to terrorize Terance Healy; to deny him freedom to enjoy life and liberty; and with an overwhelming determination to deny him justice and equal protection of the law.

The incompetence and fraud of Angst & Angst is clearly documented. It is through their incompetence that the litigation continues, and their fraud exposes all of their petitions into question. It is a result of their incompetence that the judiciary must make frequent and obvious actions which expose the clearly intentional action to deny due process. Their incompetent and fraudulent actions serves to expose the judiciary to further actions on the record and with each unjust action brings a liability and inability to explain.

As the top of this web site states. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS. No one can help.

No one is permitted to present the product of surveillance outside of a criminal proceeding.

Even if I had been tricked into some crime, that crime would have had to justify the need for such extensive surveillance. I have not committed any crime. Anything they were doing would clearly expose and confirm my allegations of intrusive surveillance for the last 5 years. Even after all this time and experience with the extreme corruption of the entire judicial process, I still think perhaps the law and peoples rights may be applicable in other courtrooms.

When any level of law enforcement investigated and discovered that surveillance product had been presented and discussed and acted upon improperly outside of a criminal proceeding, they could not report that to me because they would then be committing the same act. The impossibility of resolution.

On the outside it would appear they were just protecting their friends in law enforcement and the judiciary. In fact, they were following the actions necessary when dealing with electronic surveillance. These issues are documented in the Electronic Surveillance Issues document from the Department Of Justice.

The Department of Justice will need to become involved to unravel the mess which has been created from the surveillance.

The Courts will need to address the crimes being committed under color of law.

The document Electronic Surveillance Issues is the key, The Department Of Justice is the door to resolution.

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