I have filed a claim for personal property loss with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

The following pictures document the dissipation and disposal of the assets by Sonya Healy and do not respresent the full extent of the property loss.

These pictures are from September 4, 2011:

These pictures are from August 28, 2011:

A Letter to Liberty Mutual explaining the circumstances:

My concerns lie primarily with the claims having been submitted in my name. The one document I have seen indicates incorrectly that I alone an the Insured, the Claimant and that Payment was made to me.

I had been ordered to endorse several checks from Liberty Mutual in court on July 18, 2011. I did this under duress and only when threatened with contempt and Ordered to endorse the checks by Judge Carolyn Carluccio. My request to obtain copies of the claims was ignored. I disavow any participation in any claim filed with Liberty Mutual. They were all filed by Sonya Healy without my knowledge or consent.

Sonya Healy obtained control of the house on June 9, 2011 through a court order. I had lived at the home alone since she abandoned the house in May 2007.

The Court Order is defective and an appeal had been filed. Judge Carolyn Carluccio continues to fail to take the appropriate action to permit the appeal to proceed to the Superior Court. As such, I will be filing with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to request that she be removed from the case and the appropriate hearings held to permit the appeal.

I assure you that I am not contacting you out of malice or anger towards my ex-wife. Every action by Sonya Healy and her attorneys since 2007 has involved misrepresentation and fraud.

In March 2008, I had filed a claim with Liberty Mutual for the damages when my wife, and a team of 20 people, using 12 suv’s and trucks, violated several court orders when they burglarized and vandalized the home and poisoned my dog. When police were called by neighbors, she presented a false court order written by her attorneys and the police permitted the robbery to continue. She was later found in contempt and orderd to return the items.

In September 2011, they neglected to inform the title company about the appeal. They were able to manipulate the fraudulent transfer of the deed to my house using a defective and expired power of attorney which was not properly executed or notarized.

I was prevented from obtaining any information about the entire sale process. The Real Estate agent, her manager and their attorney had been mislead into the belief that Court had ordered that I was not entitled to be included in any correspondence, or distribution of information regarding the sale of the home. I had written letters, emails, and went to the real estate office and was denied the information. This necessitated filing a petition with the court requesting they be ordered to provide the information.

Their misrepresentation of court ordered secrecy and confidentiality was admitted in a petition they filed on September 22, 2011 by my wife’s attorneys.

The hearing regarding my petition for the information was scheduled for September 20, 2011. At the ex parte request of my wife’s attorneys indicating the unavailability of my wife on that date, Judge Carolyn Carluccio immediately issued an order rescheduling the hearing for September 23, 2011.

At the September 23rd hearing, it was revealed that the continuance had been requested to allow her to attend the closing on the sale of the home. They had proceeded with the sale of the home with the full knowledge that they were operating under a defective order which was under appeal. I had informed the real estate agent and office of the appeal, and provided them copies of the paperwork, and had filed the letters sent to them with the court.

By law, a power of attorney requires the agent to inform the principal of any activity. It must be utilized and executed only in good faith with information shared with the principal. Their fraudulent misrepresentation of the power of attorney was enabled and endorsed by Judge Carolyn Carluccio with her participation in preventing any information regarding the closing date from being made available.

The following is why you are interested in the above information:

On July 18, 2011, Judge Carolyn Carluccio issued a verbal order which indicated that any of my possessions which were not removed by the closing date could be thrown in the trash. I was denied access to the property by the written order dated May 9, 2011. Four Sheriff’s deputies and four Montgomery Township police officers escorted Sonya to the home on June 9, 2011. I had been ordered to vacate the home by the May 9th order. I had done so. There has been no explanation of the purpose of the deputies and police. All parties deny requesting their involvement. The judge has refused to permit a hearing to determine what necessitated their presence. The County Sheriff has refused to provide any reports or orders which relate to their presence.

Due to the volume of false reports to police, I could not go to the house without a written order from the court for fear that police might be called as the only tangible court order indicated I had to vacate the property, I petitioned the court to provide a written court order which would allow me to retrieve my possessions. That petition was scheduled for September 23, 2011.

In late August, I discovered my possessions were being thrown in the trash. I reported it to police. They indicated they could not get involved and I should petiotion the court.

In early September, I drove by the house and there were teams of people taking truckloads of furniture from the house. When they realized it was me, they ran for the house and called police. I took a few pictures from the street and drove to McDonalds for breakfast. When I returned to further photograph the violation of the court order regarding assets, there were seven police cars in front of the house. They waved me down and dramatically ordered me to park. I explained that the activity going on violated the court orders and the police indicated they would not stop her. I also explained that I had no intention of arguing or debating, or even speaking with anyone involved. I was only going to take pictures to further document her actions in violation of court orders.

This action of my wife contacting police with another misrepresentation and false allegation was exactly the situation I had believed was intentionally being set in place with the judge and the lawyer actively participating to arrange it. Judge Carluccio issued a verbal court order which intentionally placed me at risk of a false report to police. When called to her attention on that day she refused to address the issue in her written order. I petitioned the court to address the issue and a hearing was scheduled for September 20, 2011, then continued to September 23, 2011. I further was required to pay for the transcript in order to obtain a tangible copy of the Court Order. It was available a few weeks later, however, by then even the verbal order was insuifficient to prevent an allegation and improper arrest.

On September 23, 2011, Valerie Angst placed Sonya Healy on the witness stand and had her proudly announce that she had sold my home. She followed that with indicating that she had thrown away all of my possessions, and furniture. They then proceeded to indicate that they did it in compliance with a court order which allowed the disposal of my possessions if not retrieved by the closing date on the home. The malicious intent of Judge Carluccio, Valerie Angst and Sonya Healy was clear.

Their actions were executed in bad faith, while an appeal was pending and intentionally being delayed by Judge Carluccio.

There is an additional series of letters initiated by Valerie Angst to prevent arbitration as had been ordered by the defective order. Valerie Angst indicated in her letter cancelling arbitration that the matter was scheduled to be heard on September 23, 2011, with the full knowledge of the closing on the home scheduled for September 20, 2011 had been set in late July when the Agreement of Sale was signed.

I would appreciate knowing if there is any allowance in the Homeowners policy which might permit me to file a claim for the loss of my furniture and all my other property.

For consideration:
Clearly Valerie Angst, Carolyn Carluccio and Sonya Healy have demonstrated undeniable malicious intent to enable, cause and/or perform the actions which resulted in the loss of my personal property. As in 2008, there were others participating in the illegal acts in violation of court orders occurring prior to the unknown deadline.

Does assumed participation of Sonya Healy in causing the loss, negate the my loss? Is this something to be documented?

Sonya Healy abandoned the home in May 2007 and has neglected to follow court orders requiring her to pay household expenses. She was not a resident at the house at any time since May 2007. There is a court order to that effect. The only reason her name remained on the policy was because her name was still on the mortgage. I paid the insurance bill, and had financial responsibility for the mortgagebill and the household expenses, even after ordered to vacate the home permit any consideration?

I would sincerely appreciate your consideration of those aspects. I would not seek to file a formal claim where there is no possibility of recompense for the loss. However, it may be necessary to go through with a formal claim as your independant investigation would provide a third party independant report indicating her responsibility in the loss, and additionally as the reason for the denial of the claim.

Your assistance is appreciated.

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