Sheriff Behr called me yesterday and suggested her deputies were at my home as a matter of course. She could not indicate WHY they went. Who ordered it? Who requested it? And what necessitated it? She then went on to attempt to tell me that I didn’t ask her that information.

If I did not ask for that information, THEN WHAT DID I ASK FOR? I assured her I was not attempting to put words in her mouth or set her up in any way. I begged her not to become involved in their conspiracy.

She suggested I speak to the Attorney General’s office. I explained I can’t get past the receptionist there. I suggested she open that door for me and arrange a meeting.

She had begun the call indicating she had attempted to call me multiple times. She had tried twice. I explained the number she was calling from each time was reported as disconnected when I tried to call it. And any number I used to reach her would not connect. But I have known – AND PROVEN – my phones and computers have been hacked affecting effective communications.

She ended the call indicating there was someone in her office she needed to meet with. She has not called back.

I spoke to two people from Liberty Mutual about the run of insurance claims made by Sonya Healy in my name. All of the paperwork indicates that i placed the claim. I did not. I suggested their fraud department needed to become involved as I have not been provided anything relating to the claims.

The two people I spoke to offered to call me back. And did not. And offered to email copies of the claim. And did not. The third person has not returned calls. Strange that after all the years dealing with one person at Liberty Mutual, now there are 3 people. What happened to Heather?

I also advised them that I was coerced and ordered to endorse the checks they had issued under duress during a court proceeding where I was not informed of the puspose of the insurance claims. I invited them to review this web site. And reminded them the previous claim entered in 2008 was when Sonya Healy burglarized the house, vandalised the house, and poisoned my dog. It took them months to decide how to handle that claim.

I also explained that her attorney’s paperwork includes such blatant flaws and bad faith actions in violation of laws that I believed that the lawyer was assuring her client would win. Either through the hearing on the chaotic petition, or when she sued her lawyer for blatant malpractice. The lawyer guaranteed her client a win, one way of another.

The corruption of the court, and the judge who was additionally the president of the county bar association guaranteed the lawyer would be protected.

Yes, I am dealing with a socipathic lawyer who manipulates and corrupts everyone into her machinations. And once manipulated, they are forced to comply with her further activities.

I spoke to the Attorney General’s office again today. It was what was suggested by the Sheriff. They took a message and indicated someone would get back to me. I’ve gotta have hope, but have headrd that excuse to get me off their phone lines so many times before. Yet, I persevere.

There is a definite possibility that these two issues are directly related. The one necessitated the other. And if either participates by providing the information, they will all be exposed…

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