When the financial liability of Sonya Healy was beginning to be documented in court documents, and those documents further exposed the ex parte contact between Sonya Healy, Angst & Angst and all of the judges, it became necessary to protect Sonya Healy’s financial interests. At that time Judge Carluccio ceased holding any hearings.

The petitions that the court was refusing to hear were enforcement issues relating to their court orders. All of which were fully supported and would obligate Sonya Healy for costs and damages.

As the County participated actively in the surveillance at the house, when the issue of exclusive use and occupancy arose, how could they hold Sonya Healy harmless when she robbed the home, and how can they excuse that she had additionally violated the exclusive use when she permitted the county to intrude to install their surveillance equipment. The County was a party to the violation. The judge was going to make sure that was covered up.

It is clear, the decision was made to cover up the County’s liability and active participation at all costs.

Their intent was to commit injustices so extreme as to cause Terance Healy to commit suicide. After their target had survived 5 years of constant terror and harassment and litigation, they hadn’t been able to cause him to commit a crime. Not even so much as a threat. They would focus their actions on a single solution. His death.

The teams of informants, investigators and handlers were ended. Isolating their target and leaving him alone. They would then begin sending teams from Montgomery County Emergency Services intermittently to his home to ‘make sure he is ok’ and was ‘not going to harm himself’. The intentional assertion of the idea of suicide. Those who came to his home had no idea why they were there, who had sent them, or what the circumstances were.

There would be no further hearings or petitions accepted as they would only serve to document their growing liability.

Judge Carluccio would throw him out of his home, and further see to it that he was unable to collect his possessions. The Judge would see to it that he only learned of these further personal destructive actions in her courtroom. She wanted to see the pain she inflicted. The goal was to prevent the target from learning about any of these actions until in her courtroom.

Judge Carluccio would commit gross injustices in the hopes of an outburst in court. The deputies were always at the ready as the court was going to spring further and further misdeeds against their target. They needed only one crime, one outburst, one slight offense which could permit them to undermine their target.

Their target never obliged them their much hoped for breakdown and outburst.

The court exposed themselves as the terrorists that they are. Terrorists intent on destroying one man. Terrorists intent on ignoring human and civil rights. Terrorists intent on violating the law. Terrorists intent on committing such cruelty which would leave their target begging his mother for permission to die. Terrorists so intent to cause a suicide they would steal everything a man owned, deny him everything he ever loved in life, humiliate him without cause or explanation, and do it in full view of the world which had decided to ignore his pleas for help. The plea for help and justice had gone ignored.

I demand the immediate removal of the following terrorists from the bench in Montgomery County:
Carolyn Carluccio, Rhonda Daniele, Thomas DelRicci, Emanuel Bertin, Arthur Tilson are all parties who have violated their oath to the people of Montgomery County. They acted as terrorists. They should be tried as terrorists. These terrorists hiding in among the judges of the Montgomery County bench have done more to damage the judiciary in Pennsylvania and exposed the extreme corruption of the entire Family Court bench. Their staff all willingly enabling a terrorist judiciary to act without exposure. The Judicial Conduct Board is once again exposed as a farce.

A Division of the court, Family Court, where personal care and attention was most needed in decisions was left to those who had no respect for the law, or the family… or for life itself.

Their actions, their determination, their intent, and their deliberate willingness to destroy a life, and a family demonstrate their complete disrespect for the community, and the law which they took an oath to protect and defend.

And I am sure I am not their first victim…

When they had that meeting with their insurance company in St Paul, was it decided then that they would seek to cause the suicide of their target? or did they simply decide to terrorize him further? unless they could cause him to commit a crime which would serve to explain their complete denial of his rights.

Every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of my life for the last five years, I have been terrorized and harassed and litigated with the clear intent to deny justice… and deny my ability to enjoy life… and prevented any resolution or exit.

There was never an intention for justice. There was no other place for me to turn for justice. The judges blocked any path to justice. Even when they failed at that, and the opportunity for an appeal was availavle, Judge Carluccio has delayed and created more chaos by writing misinformation in her opinions with the intent to keep her corruption from being exposed, and to prevent and deny justice.

Five years… of terror and destruction. How can they repair their damage? They can’t give back the time lost. They can’t relieve the emotional terror they intentionally caused. They can’t take back that they actively prevented any resolution to any issue. They caused it to continue. I have known all along I have been dealing with EVIL.

Their can be no judicial immunity for terrorists.

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