While I understand that this section of my Homeowners Insurance policy is intended for a fire or flood damaged home which becomes unliveable…

I have lost the use of my residence premises… because of the fraud committed by those acting to transfer the deed of my home, without my knowledge, without my permission, using a defective court order, which though procedurally defective and void clearly indicated that I was to be involved in any transfer of property.

The judge continues to delay any resolution on her defective order, and actively commits extrinsic fraud in attempts to deny my rights, and that can go another 4.5 years until the statute of limitations expires. This action and several other of the judge’s actions indicate her direct involvement in the commission of the fraud, and the intentional commission of the fraud, in violation of her own written orders.

The lawyer filed a document indicating that I was not to be told of the transfer of the deed, admitting to the intentional failure to follow the courts order, she was immediately rewarded with an extra $10,000 by the judge for doing so, and then withdrew the petition the following workday.

The fraud, and the intent to commit fraud is clear. I have lost the use of the residence premises. So I will file with Liberty Mutual once I get a clarification of what is, and is not, covered by this section of the policy.

Additionally, since the fraudulent conveyance of the deed is an act of fraud and ‘fraud voids’ is the de facto rule when it comes to fraud, I still require insurance for my property in case of injury or damage. Liberty Mutual is researching this instance.

Yea, the situation is crazy, and there is no resolution to any matter, I’ve been dealing with 5 years of these situations. They just don’t stop committing frauds and crimes, and the judges actively participate in the cover-up.

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