I have read two documents published by DOJ – Criminal Division relating to Electronic Surveillance issues.
Electronic Surveillance Issues
Electronic Surveillance Manual

When the information in those documents is applied to my situation, it offers an explanation of the inability of law enforcement to investigate and become involved.

The central points being that the product of electronic surveillance may not be disclosed outside of criminal proceedings.

In order to prevent prosecution and conceal a computer and phone surveillance intrusion by my wife at the direction of her lawyer, they intentionally selected and hired a private investigator associated with the county to assume their surveillance. Once proven and detected by myself, it was reported to local police, county detectives and FBI, however, the non-disclosure of electronic surveillance prevented law enforcement action on my behalf.

A consequence of the non-disclosure provisions, was the continued use of electronic surveillance with additional harassment tactics, which were further disclosed and used to manipulate the judiciary in what has become an unending series of crimes, frauds, injustices and complete denial of civil rights which pretend to be a part of a divorce case.

As a crime subsequent to the surveillance can be used as justification, I believe there have been numerous failed attempts to effect that result.

Once this inability of law enforcement to take any action was established, those involved continued the electronic surveillance activity with malicious intent knowing the target would have no available remedy, ability to prevent, or any recourse through law enforcement channels.

I understand there is no way for any level of law enforcement to become involved in a resolution without the dislosure of electronic surveillance. Until there is some permission to disclose the electronic surveillance activity, I will continue to be further victimized by those initially responsible as they work to prevent their actions from being prosecuted.

I have been victimized by these actions since 2007. I have survived and continue to persevere. I respectfully request your involvement and offer my full cooperation and support to provide any informaiton which you may need to proceed with the investigation with the hope of a resolution which will permit me to once again enjoy a life free of constant attacks and litigation.

It should also be noted that there is no effective way to communicate with me that will not disclose your involvement and activity as there is continued surveillance of computer and telephone communications. I believe this has permitted those involved to circumvent and prevent lawful actions to investigate and resolve the matter.

With that knowledge and understanding I request a discussion begin with regard to resolving the issues which I have presented. The crimes against me continue to occur and further involve additional persons manipulated into actions against me, there will be no end to the injustice until those responsible are held accountable and prosecuted accordingly.

Terance Healy

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