There is a frustration that I have felt for years when it comes to any law enforcement agency investigating my case.

There is no way that law enforcement can do their investigation without revealing that an investigation is underway.

My computers and phones are affected. All of my conversations and correspondence are exposed to the lawbreaker doing it to me.

Those responsible for the crimes can block emails and phone calls. I have realized if I don’t communicate with someone on the initial phone contact the likelihood of a callback is nil. (This is not speculation. The intrusion experience dates back to February 2007.)

I know the landline at my house was additionally affected. It was revealed by telephone glitches and noises which eventually lead to my downloading of a file to make the noises stop. When I downloaded the document, I received a phone call from the mystery number that had been doing auto callbacks for months. I thought I was going to find a way to identify the Digital Communication Switch – DCS. It turned out to be the Data Collection System – DCS used by the FBI.

When I had verizon consolidate my cell phone and land line into their ONEBILL program, the bill spiked by about $800. Land Line customer service could not explain, indicated it must be from the wireless side. The wireless customer service could not explain, indicating it must be from the landline side. The programmer in me suggests that they consolidated the entire bill accidentally including a third account. That account which was to be billed to the government entity who had me under surveillance.

People kept telling me to get a burner phone. If I did, it could get be expensive to keep getting new phones. Oh, and it would make me appear to be concealing something. Shady behavior. And considering I was already knocked off the grid financially and living off other people taking care of the finances. I imagine they used my dropping off the grid to justify further investigation. But,… they were the cause of me being off the grid. So they were causing a situation and then using that as a basis for continuing to investigate me.

As not one person from law enforcement has met with me to review the technology (and I still have it secured), the only logical explanation was that other law enforcement was involved and was able to circumvent any resolution to my complaint.

I have been seeking help from the ones who are doing it to me. No wonder they do nothing. They know who is doing it. No need to investigate.

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