Sonya Healy committed insurance fraud in filing claims with Liberty Mutual.

I have begun to review the documents she submitted and just from the pictures included with some of the claims, the fraud is evident.

Every action she has done in the last 5 years has been a fraud.

The actions of Judge Carluccio are indicative of her collaberation and active participation in the fraud.

The defective divorce decree is another fraud.

The actions of the judge to prevent any appeal is extrinsic fraud. Her actions further demonstrate her knowledge that an appeal would be granted. Otherwise why would she take such obvious actions to prevent the appeal. She is exposed. And as a result of Carolyn Carluccio’s exposure, the County is exposed. The judges, the detectives and the District Attorney. Their terroristic actions towards one man are clearly documented and exposed.

The actions of Valerie Angst , Sonya Healy and Carolyn Carluccio are fraudulent as they were intent on causing me harm, and causing damage to my property, and intent to cause fraudulent conveyance of my property. They have involved the resources of the County and those resources and personnel have participated by actively conspiring to conceal and cover up their crimes.

It is clear. They will not stop their fraud, their terror, their harassment.

It has gone on for 5 years, and no one will stop them. I fear they will kill me.

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