Things to be thankful for…
After surviving 5 years of constant terror, harassment and litigation, the arrival of in your face corruption and fraud.

– dealing with the fraudulent conveyance of the deed to my house, the judge making certain I never see a penny from their secret sale, and the heartbreak of knowing they threw out my personal possessions while preventing me from ever retrieving anything,
– three fraudulent insurance claims made in my name,
– one insurance claim for all of my property which was thrown out,
– another claim regarding the loss of the use of the home,
– DOJ issues regarding illegal disclosure of surveillance product,
– FBI accusations that I was tapping their calls when THEY noticed I was being tapped,
– a newly elected sheriff who can’t explain her deputies actions at my home (or former home),
– a re-elected District Attorney who still refuses to investigate anything (perhaps because she is causing it),
– the corrupt judge preventing resolution of any matter by not permitting thew appeal to move forward.
– the same corrupt judge issuing opinions published only to herself (??) which are indicative of the extrinsic fraud which she has committed, and reaffirming the reason for the appeal,
– the liability of the actuality that their intentional fraudulent deed transfer results in my liability for the property,
– the necessity of filing a writ of mandamus with the Supreme Court of PA which will only serve to order the court to hold the hearings which they have intentionally failed to hold – WITH THE RIDICULOUS EXPECTATION OF THE RULE OF LAW AND JUSTICE TO FINALLY BE SERVED IN A COURTROOM,
– persevering and expecting justice when their intent and their necessity of denying any hearing so as to prevent the public testimony and evidence of the extreme volume of ex parte contact between EVERYONE EXCEPT ME and the judiciary in this matter,
– the inability to prevent the crimes and fraud from contining and being forced to suffer through further actions… just because they haven’t killed me – while I fear they will murder me.

In their course of the constant crime spree since 2007, it is just another crime for the district attorney to ignore.

No friends left.
Family unable to handle any more stress.
The holidays.
Homeless, unemployed and unable to eat many days because of the tooth pain.

Other than that, there’s so much to be thankful for… imagine the people who have nothing going on in their lives.

My prayer is for strength to endure. I persevere and hope for an end to this terroristic divorce.

If only they would prosecute the people responsible instead of enabling and encouraging their continued crimes against me.

I can’t stop them. I can’t make them obey the law.
I can only persevere and hope.
Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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