Liberty Mutual usually contacts someone regarding a claim within 2 days. That did not happen.

Golden Eagle Corp was raised when an email was cc:d to a man named Mark. Initially the email was sent to a man by the same name at LibertyMutual.com.

It became more suspicious when his email on a cc: follow up was sent to him at GoldenEagleCorp.com.

I could find no domain for GoldenEagleCorp.com

I could not ping the domain.

I could find no one at Liberty Mutual who knew anything about a division or agency or market referred to as Golden Eagle.

I still have not heard from the fraud investigator since I asked him about Golden Eagle the other day.

Today, I find that some info is now available on GoldenEagleCorp.com

It is registered by a domain called MarkMonitor.com

That domain lists contacts at Liberty Mutual in Boston and Portsmouth, NH

It is easy to speculate about what MarkMonitor cvould be related to – espceially in light of the surveillance documented on this web site.

MarkMonitor handles brand protection. So if perhaps Liberty Mutual has become involved in something which it prefers not publicized with access and searches, a brand protection company might be able to provide those types of resources. So why would Liberty Mutual want that type of protection in my case?

It is long past time for people to stop the fraud, and the cover up , and the conspiracy, and the harassment and behave responsibly.

And if Liberty Mutual is not permitted to discuss claims or policies across state lines, then why doe sit seem the claims which were fraudulently submitted in my name over the summer were all handled through a company in Vermont?

The chaos never ends.

Would anyone care to explain what is going on here?
I’m not paranoid, I’m suspicious … and with reason.

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