A transfer of property that is made to swindle, hinder, or delay, or to put such property beyond someone’s reach.

Like when my wife sold my home based on the defective order, issued by a judge who intentionally has acted to delay and attempt to prevent an appeal of the order while further causing terror and harassment and distress.

All parties involved were aware of the appeal. Realtor, Real Estate Company, Lawyers for everyone, Judges. Superior Court.

Valerie Angst had everyone convinced that the court had ordered that the Defendant was not to be informed of the sale. SHE LIED TO YOU ALL. She set you up. She manipulated you into an action which requires your cooperation and participation in her crimes. She is a sociopath. She delights in these activities.

Everyone intentionally kept the closing date from the Defendant based on fraud.

Valerie Angst documented this in her petition she filed hours before the hearing on September 23, 2011. The one she withdrew the following Monday.

Judge Carluccio issued an order which prevented the Defendant from entering the house. So without a court order, the Defendant could be arrested for being in the house. When called to her attention the Judge diosregarded the defendant. When a petition was filed in this regard it was ignored.

When I discovered my possession being thrown out in vioolation of court orders, the police would not do anything to stop her.

A WEEK LATER, I again discovered my possessions being thrown out, Sonya Healy contacted police and made false allegations about me trying to get into the house. I was taking pictures of everyone in the driveway taking my possessions. She attempted to have me arrested because I caught her violating court orders. She suggested to police that there was a restraining order. She had the neighnors calling the police after she left the house.

Then, Valerie Angst wrote a letter attempting to lure me to the house so that trap could be sprung again. I can just hear it… When I went to the house based on that letter I would be in violation of the order and arrested. I can hear the judge shouting YOU KNEW THE ORDER SAID YOU COULD NOT BE THERE. YET YOU WENT TO THE HOUSE. YOU INTENTIONALLY VIOLATED MY ORDER. The attempts to set me up for arrest have been constant for 5 years. All failed. I can see their plans as soon as they attempt them. They would have been stopped at any time IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE JUDICIARY MANIPULATED INTO INACTION.

Most obvious setup was the one initiated by Judge Rhonda Daniele which was set to have me in jail for Christmas based on another of her secret undocketed orders. Issued without any proceeding or notice and contrary to the agreement in place with the Domestic Relations Office. Judge Daniele has never been assigned this case. BUT HER CORRUPT ACTIONS HAVE CAUSED THE INJUSTICE TO ENVELOPE THE JUDICIARY. It was Judge Rhonda Daniele who caused the manipulation of the judges in this case TO PROTECT HER INJUSTICE.

Judge Carluccio in a verbal Court Order issued an order for all of the Defendant’s possessions to be thrown out if not removed from the house by the closing date.


When a hearing was scheduled regarding the defendant’s petition to find out that date, Judge Carluccio continued that hearing because it was scheduled for the closing date.

They knew the closing date from July 27, 2011. The date had been set. Everyone involved prevented me from knowing it.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has intentionally and willfully neglected to hear any petition filed by the Defendant in this case. THIS IS NOT A GENERALIZATION. Her Orders may indicate the fraud of her coverup, but the trnscripts will clearly demonstraqte the fraud of her orders and her willful intent to NOT hold hearings on the matters.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio is an evil and corrupt monster out to terrorize the Defendant because he has proven the corruption of the prior judge’s in this case. The punishment for surviving the injusitice and terror of the last 5 years is the complete destruction of every aspect of the Defendant’s life.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has also prevented the appeal from moving forward by not hearing the petition to proceed in forma pauperis.

At the same time, she has coerced and ordered the defendant to endforse the check for the sale of his home over to the Plaintiff. Guaranteeing that the funds would not be used for the appeal.

They will not stop until I am dead. I will not stop until they are brought to justice. When will justice be served? They only make things worse. They never resolve any issue. And they only involve more and more people in their crimes and conspiracy. Someone must stop them. Contact law enforcement in your area to become involved. Please.

They can’t fix 5 years of terror. They can’t fix losing the relationship with my children. They can’t fix that they threw out every memory and possession I had in the house. They can’t fix their corruption. SO, they hide behind their robes. They decided to destroy me. To kill me. Or to attack until I kill myself.

They won’t stop until I am dead. I won’t stop until they are prosecuted.

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