Gerry Dougherty had previously indicated that Montgomery Township Police could do nothing on the matter of the computer intrusion and it should be escalated to the FBI.

Gerry revealed his knowledge of actual surveillance of my computer in August 2007. Instead of taking action on behalf of the victim who had previously reported the intrusion, Gerry acted to protect the perpetrator.

Gerry’s arrival on my doorstep in response to something typed on my computer revealed that he knew the party responsible for the surveillance programs on my computer.

Gerry showed my brother a picture of my computer screen. If the picture was the product of a criminal investigation that action is not permissable.

Upon describing the picture as a screen shot of my computer screen, my brother described the layout of the screen precisely. When my brother asked why I provided this picture to him, and he found out that I did not provide the picture. He then returned to the Police Department to obtain a copy of the picture and was denied.

Gerry improperly violated my rights and in an attempt to discredit and demoralize me, he proceeded to have me involuntarily committed at Montgomery County Emergency Services.

When the paperwork he submitted to justify his actions was deemed to be deficient cause to require involuntary commitment, he updated the paperwork indicating that I had intended to blow up the local mall.

There was never any further activity to investigate the reported computer intrusion. After taking this action to discredit, demoralize and humiliate me, The Montgomery Township Police never conducted any further action relating to the computer intrusion. The single exception being a meeting with Montgomery County Detectives which apparently resulted in their also ceasing any involvement in the investigation of the computer intrusion. The computer intrusion continued, and additionally high tech harassment had begun.

Montgomery Township Police would actively participate in permitting Sonya Healy to violate every court order without consequence.

Surveillance content had been provided to Judge Del Ricci on multiple occasions. The most evident occurance caused him to recuse after intentionally delaying and preventing any custody determination for years.

As the lawyers realized they could get away with ex parte contact, they were also enabled to fabricate whatever surveillance information they cared to exchange without consequence or confirmation.

As the judges acted on the information without due process or even verifying the information, their participation in further exchanges and actions was leveraged by their active ex parte participation and activities.

Ex Parte Contact is serious and should not be dismissed or disregarded. When permitted and further acted upon it destroys and leaves the judiciary obligated to continue the contact and prevent the contact from disclosure. I have documented the ex parte contact throughout the case. It has never been denied.

Judge Carluccio has deliberately prevented any hearing because the hearings will reveal the ex parte actions of the judiciary as documented on the Angst & Angst invoices.

When it all comes down, there are 2 reason for the excessive injustices in this case.
1. Illegal Electronic Surveillance.
2. Ex Parte Communications with ALL of the judges involved.

When I discovered that Sonya Healy was throwing out my possessions in violation of existing court orders, I went to Montgomery Township Police to report it in person. I expressly requested that any officer except Gerry Dougherty take the report.

Gerry Dougherty was sent to the lobby to inform me that they would take no action to stop her, that it was a civil issue and it would have to be resolved with the court.

I then asked why he was involved in determining that I had left the house on June 9th, and he indicated that it was the Sheriff’s Department that had requested the involvement of Montgomery Township Police. The not getting involved in a civil matter excuse was only provided to me. When the actions were against me, police were enthusiastically involved in the actions.

Sheriff Eileen Behr has refused to provide a report, or an order which indicated what necessitated her deputies to be involved. No one will indicate who requested the Sheriff’s involvement.

Whenever the answer is silence, it has been found to be associated with the illegal electronic surveillance. Once again, Gerry indirectly exposed the surveillance.

As the surveillance has been known to Sonya Healy as a perpetrator and co-conspirator, of course she would be permitted to be present with the deputies when they returned to my home to remove their surveillance equipment.

Sonya had initiated the surveillance and played the entire police department and county into furthering her illegal and harassing actions. It was her name on the deed that was utilized to allow access to the home. It was the continued activity to try to set me up in some crime which prolonged the divorce. The twisted contention that it was my fault that the divorce was delayed can only be based on the knowledge that had been unable to accomplish setting me up in a crime and continued to try.

There is no need necessity to not further disclose surveillance actions to the person who first disclosed it in order to prevent her prosecution. They played everyone.

And even while they were playing everyone and terrorizing and harassing me and anyone who supported me, they still committed fraud and other crimes with the knowledge that they would have to be protected based on their participation. They were right, the victim was further victimized at every action.

Sonya and her lawyers commit fraud to bring about further manipulations, because they have so much ex parte leverage that the judges are unable to perform their function with any appearance of fairness.

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