I posted the following comment on a site titled SaveThePsychoExWife.com

The family court victim in that case continues the civil rights battle against the judge. The remarks on the comments are downright nasty. And it would appear that he got some negative attention from THE TODAY SHOW.

All you have to do is put yourself in the same position, and you can understand the necessity and relevance of the site and the benefit of the site to a community of people who become completely disenfranchised simply because their spouse decided to divorce.

The comment was posted to this entry.

As a long time reader of both ThePsychoExWife and SaveThePsychoExWife, I can attest to the anonymity of the site. I’m a web developer and I tried to determine the identity of the people involved and the case, so I could follow it to compare it to what was happening to me in the next county over. Montgomery County, PA. It was only after the lawsuit was filed against the judge for violating Constitutional rights that the characters were identified. I was rather stunned at them being outed in the newspaper after being kept well concealed and protected on the blog(s).

Something which has happened in every divorce case involving children that I have heard about or been contacted about is the denial of one parent or the other from writing about the case. This is often used as leverage in custody cases. They tried to do it in my case, but they failed. My son turned 18. My site was never about embarassing my kids, or causing further humiliation to my family.

It was about the truth. The TRUTH is another reason they cannot shut a web site down… well, not without using the custody aspect as leverage. This is rampant. So rampant that people have contacted me using aliases. Most are advised by their lawyers to cease contact with me because it only makes the lawyers job more difficult – as they try to convince their client to submit to their rights being violated because (what they cannot say outloud) the judge is pressuring the lawyer who has a career to consider and has to be in front of the judge on another case on another day. The vengeancce of a judge on a lawyer can end a career, and a life.

Because my site tells the truth, they have been unable to shut it down. If there was any inappropriate content, they would have done it in an instant. As it is, they proceed along and deny me my rights via extrinsic fraud, and constant ex parte communications. It is that ex parte communication that has caused the entire judiciary to be compromised in my case. Each has to protect the prior judge’s indiscretions and outright lack of ethics. And as the opposing counsel knows the judge has to keep it from being heard in a courtroom, that lawyer uses the leverage back against the judge to extort ever further violations of civil rights and injustices.

There is no resolution to anything.

There is no relief when there is no oversight.

There is no relief when the judge can prevent the appeal.

As a result, I am forced to take my case to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Imagine that. A simple middle class divorce, through 8 judges, over 350 docket entries, one round through the Superior Court to commence the Appeal, only to find out the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to make things happen.


Imagine next that they have granted one spouse complete impunity to violate EVERY court order, and commit crimes which are clearly documented for 5 years. So the court orders do not matter, you can’t enforce them without going back to the same corrupt court. Expecting different results is the definition of insanity, BUT if you do not, you lose the opportunity for appeal. I secured all of the information. I am extremely well documented. I’ve done no sneaking around trying to find information. So the judges prevent any hearings, and acted to take away everything I own, thrown out a lifetime of memories, deny me my family, and after 5 years of terror, the friends can’t stand to watch you destroyed – they are gone.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio conducted a hearing where she publicly committed and endorsed ethics violations, manipulated her schedule, announced her involvement in continuing a hearing to determine the sale date for my home in order to permit the closing, announced that she had authorized the destruction of all of my personal property on that same unknown closing date, ordered me to endorse a check for the purchase my home, preventing mer from any of the money (unless I go back to her courtroom to have a court order enforced), and actively participated in the fraudulent conveyance of the title.

This done while surrounding me with 7 deputies because who wouldn’t crack hearing all that activity in 10 minutes – after 5 years of harassment and terror and fraud.

When I failed to oblige with an outburst, Judge Carluccio indicated that I INTIMIDATED HER. I don’t intimidate anyone. THE TRUTH DOES. THE TRUTH ON MY WEB SITES DOES INTIMIDATE. IT CAN BE USED TO DEMONSTRATE THE CORRUPTION OF FAMILY COURT IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY, and as I have learned this happens worldwide.

These judges have the power to destroy people. They do it in violation of law and ethics and without any sense of humanity. They get away with it because no one cares. They prevent and deny anyone from documenting their case. You don’t find out how corrupt the family court is until you are in it.

Once in Family Court, everyone writes you off as an upset person going through a divorce. The public doesn’t care. The lawyers have their careers to worry about. The Judicial Conduct Board is more concerned with protecting the judiciary’s reputation. AND THE ONLY ONE WITH PROSECUTORIAL POWER AGAINST THE JUDICIARY IS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (or any state).

Until it involves you, you will never understand being victimized when you are down. When no one will help you. When the terror and injustice can go on for years. When all you wanted to be was a father to a child, or permitted to have a career, and a life… instead, you are the nouveau homeless victimized beyond belief with tremendous injustice.

The more you document and prove the injustice and fraud and corruption and lack of ethics the further destroyed you will be. You will learn that you only live each day to be further victimized. Their goal is your suicide, and when you do not oblige them, they become more cruel and unrelenting. And they are angry with you because YOU PLACED THEM IN THE POSITION WHERE THEY HAVE TO DO THIS TO YOU BECAUSE YOU EXPECTED THE RULE OF LAW AND JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS.

Someone should evaluate the family Courts before they are victimized by it. But no one does. Once you are in family court, perseverance and endurance only serve to further victimize you. The truth is irrelevant in Family Court. And when the TRUTH is public information, it intimidates the hell out of them.

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