Things to be thankful for…
After surviving 5 years of constant terror, harassment and litigation, the arrival of in your face corruption and fraud.

– dealing with the fraudulent conveyance of the deed to my house, the judge making certain I never see a penny from their secret sale, and the heartbreak of knowing they threw out my personal possessions while preventing me from ever retrieving anything,
– three fraudulent insurance claims made in my name,
– one insurance claim for all of my property which was thrown out,
– another claim regarding the loss of the use of the home,
– DOJ issues regarding illegal disclosure of surveillance product,
– FBI accusations that I was tapping their calls when THEY noticed I was being tapped,
– a newly elected sheriff who can’t explain her deputies actions at my home (or former home),
– a re-elected District Attorney who still refuses to investigate anything (perhaps because she is causing it),
– the corrupt judge preventing resolution of any matter by not permitting thew appeal to move forward.
– the same corrupt judge issuing opinions published only to herself (??) which are indicative of the extrinsic fraud which she has committed, and reaffirming the reason for the appeal,
– the liability of the actuality that their intentional fraudulent deed transfer results in my liability for the property,
– the necessity of filing a writ of mandamus with the Supreme Court of PA which will only serve to order the court to hold the hearings which they have intentionally failed to hold – WITH THE RIDICULOUS EXPECTATION OF THE RULE OF LAW AND JUSTICE TO FINALLY BE SERVED IN A COURTROOM,
– persevering and expecting justice when their intent and their necessity of denying any hearing so as to prevent the public testimony and evidence of the extreme volume of ex parte contact between EVERYONE EXCEPT ME and the judiciary in this matter,
– the inability to prevent the crimes and fraud from contining and being forced to suffer through further actions… just because they haven’t killed me – while I fear they will murder me.

In their course of the constant crime spree since 2007, it is just another crime for the district attorney to ignore.

No friends left.
Family unable to handle any more stress.
The holidays.
Homeless, unemployed and unable to eat many days because of the tooth pain.

Other than that, there’s so much to be thankful for… imagine the people who have nothing going on in their lives.

My prayer is for strength to endure. I persevere and hope for an end to this terroristic divorce.

If only they would prosecute the people responsible instead of enabling and encouraging their continued crimes against me.

I can’t stop them. I can’t make them obey the law.
I can only persevere and hope.
Happy Thanksgiving to All.


While I understand that this section of my Homeowners Insurance policy is intended for a fire or flood damaged home which becomes unliveable…

I have lost the use of my residence premises… because of the fraud committed by those acting to transfer the deed of my home, without my knowledge, without my permission, using a defective court order, which though procedurally defective and void clearly indicated that I was to be involved in any transfer of property.

The judge continues to delay any resolution on her defective order, and actively commits extrinsic fraud in attempts to deny my rights, and that can go another 4.5 years until the statute of limitations expires. This action and several other of the judge’s actions indicate her direct involvement in the commission of the fraud, and the intentional commission of the fraud, in violation of her own written orders.

The lawyer filed a document indicating that I was not to be told of the transfer of the deed, admitting to the intentional failure to follow the courts order, she was immediately rewarded with an extra $10,000 by the judge for doing so, and then withdrew the petition the following workday.

The fraud, and the intent to commit fraud is clear. I have lost the use of the residence premises. So I will file with Liberty Mutual once I get a clarification of what is, and is not, covered by this section of the policy.

Additionally, since the fraudulent conveyance of the deed is an act of fraud and ‘fraud voids’ is the de facto rule when it comes to fraud, I still require insurance for my property in case of injury or damage. Liberty Mutual is researching this instance.

Yea, the situation is crazy, and there is no resolution to any matter, I’ve been dealing with 5 years of these situations. They just don’t stop committing frauds and crimes, and the judges actively participate in the cover-up.



Follow up to my note earlier, if you were the person having trouble in February with a password reset, then you would be wise to secure the computer you are using as evidence in your case.

I assure you, they did not just target one computer in your home.

Hopefully, you have permission to continue our dialog. I have much more information to share.


I filed a claim with Liberty Mutual for the property loss.

I additionally suggested they investigate the fraudulent claims entered under my name throughout the last summer.

I asked for copies of those claims. When I received the copies, there were more questions.

In an email exchange I provided information in regard to the indications of fraud. In the replies I noticed an additioanl party had been included. And that persons email address changed from @LibertyMutual to @GoldenEagle.

Since I replied with the question regarding WHO IS GOLDEN EAGLE? I have heard nothing back. No one at Liberty Mutual seems to know of Golden Eagle Corp? I wonder if Golden Eagle is from St. Paul? or is a part of another insurance company? or organization?

The claims submitted under my name are false, the pictures are real, but do not represent damage at the house… unless it was caused after I left?

The damage locations are also key locations in the house where, upon hearing of insurance claims, I had expected the damage would occur in attempts to remove devices which had been placed in the house.

Sheriff Behr has REFUSED to respond to a request for why her deputies were dispatched to my home on June 9, 2011. Instead of sending the reports, she sent me an ethics complaint form and a letter indicating that was what I asked her for. Um. NO. I asked for the deputies reports and an investigation into the extreme corruption in the court. I even reminded you of it being your responsibility as chief law enforcement in the county.

Sheriff Behr also blocked me on Facebook. Odd, since it was my post there during her reelection campaign which suggested or prompted her to reply to my phone calls – albeit 3 weeks late. Why eliminate an effective means of communication, unless it involves you in a coverup. Then by all means, block me, but don’t block my mother, because then she/I can see how you only blocked me and deleted my posts from your wall.

In court, Sonya Healy testified that she did not request the deputies, and that her attorney had not requested the deputies, and Judge Carluccio denied a petition requesting the information regarding the deputies appearance at the house. Judge Carluccio also lied about holding a hearing on that matter, there was no hearing on that matter before Judge Carluccio again dismissed that petition and others.

The fraud grows.

My property loss claim is valid, because there is no proof that Sonya Healy was responsible fopr the entire loss, though she clearly enabled the loss, and police and Judge Carluccio encouraged the loss. The loss is real property. The fraudulent circumstances and malice and cruelty involved do not negate the loss. And the property which was lost was NOT shared property, as EVEN the defective divorce decree required MY PROPERTY to be given to me.

My insurance liability continues as they have fraudulently conveyed the deed to the house and that leaves liability with the prior owner. ME. Once again they commit fraud and leave me liable for the damage caused by their crime. The deed was not transferred. There was no power of attorney which permitted the deed to be transferred without my signature. The Order which they refer to as providing power of attorney expressly indicates the contrary. It orders me to sign the sale documents. BUT, since they kept the sale a secret, and have admitted that in the court documents, submitted and then withdrawn, they have acknowledged their intent to commit fraud.

The fraudulent conveyance of the deed is just another angle.

When everything they do is fraudulent or criminal, it forces everyone else to do all the clean up work… while they continue to defraud and harass and terrorize.

So who is Golden Eagle Corp? Do they do the clean up insurance work for out of control deceptions gone wrong?

Stop the fraud.

I again state that I have had no prior knowledge of the fraudulent insurance claims filed under my name by Sonya Healy, which resulted in checks being issued that I was forced to endorse under extreme duress and against my wishes by a corrupt judge in court on July 18, 2011 and September 23, 2011.

I am not a party to any of the fraudulent insurance claims of Sonya Healy, and any claims I make to the insurance company is with the full disclosure of what knowledge I have of her active participation in criminal acts, in violation of PA Law and direct court orders.

– Terance Healy

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