The “civil conspiracy theory” has been defined by the courts as (1) an agreement (2) by two or more persons (3) to perform overt act(s) (4) in furtherance of the agreement or conspiracy (5) to accomplish an unlawful purpose or a lawful purpose by unlawful means (6) causing injury to another.

Let me see if this definition applies:

When Carolyn Carluccio issued her intentionally defective order which would permit her to prevent or delay an appeal
When Sonya Healy refused to inform Terance Healy regarding any information about her selling of HIS home
When Real Estate Agent Chris Grucella refused to inform Terance Healy of the status of the sale of HIS home
When Keller William staff and management refused to inform Terance Healy of the status of the sale of HIS home
When Valerie Angst intentionally misrepresented that a power of attorney causes Terance Healy to not be entitled to be included in any correspondence, communications or distribution of information regarding the sale of the home
When according to the law, the one sentence Power of Attorney had also expired and was invalid
When the one sentence Power of Attorney was included without request, precedent or necessity by Carolyn Carluccio demonstrating her knowledge and deliberate intent to enable Sonya Healy to fraudulently transfer the property
When a hearing scheduled on Terance Healy’s petition requesting the sale information was continued and rescheduled upon receiving a bad faith, ex parte request from Valerie Angst to allow Sonya Healy to attend the closing of the sale of the home
When Carolyn Carluccio issued a verbal order into the record that Sonya Healy would be permitted to trash everything remaining in the house if it was not removed by the closing date
When Carolyn Carluccio refused to issue a written order granting Terance Healy access to the residence to remove his possessions as her defective written order to vacate could be utilized to cause him to be arrested for being on the property
When Sonya Healy did contact police when Terance Healy discovered she was disposing of his property
When Sonya Healy did misrepresent to police that Terance Healy was not permitted by the defective order to be near the property
When Valerie Angst immediately filed in May her request for arbitration to distribute assets,
which then went unscheduled until the Defendant contacted the masters office,
which once finally scheduled was immediately cancelled by Valerie Angst in a bad faith ex parte request that misrepresented the purpose of a September 23 hearing
which the masters office did NOT reschedule even though they were contacted by Terance Healy in writing and by telephone
When Carolyn Carluccio’s schedule clearly demonstrates that she had no intention of holding the hearings which she scheduled on any petitions filed by Terance Healy
When Carolyn Carluccio has deliberately refused to hold hearings and hear testimony on EVERY petition filed by Terance Healy
When Terance Healy has no other recourse to enforce existing Court Orders than to petition the court for enforcement actions against Sonya Healy
When the judiciary has inexplicably granted Sonya Healy impunity to violate all courts orders without circumstance and has failed to enforce ANY of the actions when petitioned by Terance Healy
When the frequent unethical and inappropriate ex parte communications between the judiciary and Valerie and Robert Angst has been documented, but ignored, even when intentionally exposed to Terance Healy in writing by Angst & Angst
When Judge Carolyn Carluccio has permitted ex parte documents to be submitted by Valerie Angst as exhibits without permitting Terance Healy to review or receive the document,
and this occurs in open court and on the record,
and the unethical action is immediately called to the judge’s attention but excused and no action is taken to correct the violation,
and when the document is a bill from Angst & Angst in support of their seeking sanctions against Terance Healy,
and when their petition sought $3000 in sanctions yet Judge Carluccio after reviewing the ex parte invoice orders a sanction of $ 13,000
When an Angst & Angst invoice for sanctions ordered by Judge Bertin included entries clearly indicating inappropriate ex parte communications,
additionally documenting their intentional failure to follow an Order issued by Judge Bertin,
where that same Order required Terance Healy to refile a Response and CounterPetition as two separate documents,
where after a protracted hearing presented and supported the allegations in the petition yet was dismissed as not cognizable in family court, If only the court heard the document as it was originally filed, the Counterpetition would have been cognizable. There was no consideration that the judge’s order had caused the petition to no longer be cognizable, sanctions were ordered against Terance Healy which when invoiced by Angst & Angst exposed multiple inappropriate ex parte activities.
where during a short list hearing with Judge Del Ricci in May 2008, Robert Angst presented a one page typed document which had been presented to police by Sonya Healy which caused them to permit Sonya Healy and 20 other persons with 12 vehicles to break in, burglarize and vandalize the home, and poison the dog. When Terance Healy requested to review the document, he was denied. Judge Del Ricci permitted Robert Angst to involve him in this ethics violation, which Judge Del Ricci neglected to remedy when called to his attention, Sonya Healy’s actions were in violation of several court orders and further voided the Agreed Order which granted exclusive use of the home to Terance Healy.
When during a discovery hearing, the existence of this one page typed document was denied as non existent by Sonya Healy and Valerie Angst,
When it was discovered in August 2010 that an EX PARTE ORDER had been signed by Judge Rhonda Daniele in August 2007 which had never been distributed to Terance Healy, and had never been docketed, and had been kept hidden in a separate folder in the Prothonotary and which had never been provided to Terance Healy during previous reviews of the case file, and that SECRET EX PARTE ORDER could be described as a one-page typed document from Angst & Angst which incorrectly indicated that Sonya Healy had exclusive possession of the home.
The document that they had falsely indicated did not exist was stored in a folder which had been provided to masters and judges when they requested the case file. An EX PARTE ORDER for which there was no hearing. Signed by a Judge who had never been assigned to the case. That judge being the head of the Family Court Division over all of the judges and masters. The choice to conceal the document was intentional. The document had never been referred to or addressed in any custody proceeding. That the document had never been docketed or distributed was obvious, yet no master or judge took any action which would expose the document.
The secret document ordered Supervised Visitation for Terance Healy and his son. As there was no cause for supervised visitation, the order slandered Terance Healy. As he was unaware of the order, he could not defend against an allegation which had not been made. As there were several petitions regarding custody which referred to existing agreements and orders, the masters and judges were intentionally preventing exposure of the document. The clear intent and determined efforts of the judiciary to conceal the existence of this document is inexcusable.
Sonya Healy had abducted their son Brennan from the family home on July 13, 2007. Terance Healy was prevented from any relationship with his son. The court intentionally acted to prevent resolution regarding custody. Hearings were continued. Sonya Healy failed to appear at hearings. Sessions wee intentionally not scheduled. Terance Healy’s issues were not documented in reports by Sara Goren.
A Secret Ex Parte Order signed by Judge Rhonda Daniele provided Sonya Healy and Angst & Angst tremendous leverage against the judiciary.

Leverage that might explain the absolute impunity to violate EVERY court order.
Leverage that might explain judges committing frequent ex parte violations.
Leverage that might excuse lawyers who boldly and deliberately commits ex parte ethics violations, in open court, on the record, which causes the judge to commit an ethics violation in allowing it, another in not correcting it when called to attention, and another when not reporting it to the disciplinary board.

Leverage that would allow a lawyer to become so arrogant as to hand a judge a document during a hearing on the record in a public courtroom, have the ex parte issue raised by the other party, inexplicably fail to correct the ex parte issue, deny the Defendant a copy of the document, and raise the sanction against the Defendant from the $3000 requested in the petition to over $13,000.

Leverage escalates to extortion when there is a threat. Valerie Angst had done it again.

Suppose the invoice included entries detailing the ex parte communications between Judge Carluccio and Angst & Angst. Judge Bertin had ordered sanctions and the Angst & Angst invoice detailed the inappropriate ex parte contact with him. Judge Carluccio has refused to conduct hearings on petitions to obtain the content of those ex parte contacts with Judge Bertin. Judge Carluccio has also refused to hold hearings on petitions to adjust the amount of the sanction where there is fraud on the invoice.

If at that same hearing, Judge Carluccio
-who has not heard any petition filed by the Defendant.
-who has intentionally issued a defective court order
-who has stubbornly refused to correct the defect
-who has thrown you out of your home
-who has prevented you from obtaining your possessions
-who has ordered your personal possessions be thrown in the trash
-who has prevented the appeal from proceeding
-who has ordered power of attorney as part of her defective order
-who has left you penniless and homeless
-who has acted with such malice and cruelty
-who has denied justice in every issue

Even the most cynical would concede it would take considerably more leverage than one secret order to effect this result.

If the lawyer, who told her client to install illegal programs, who hired the private investigator to cover it up, who worked for the county drug task force, a task force that the police officer worked with, who had you involuntarily committed in violation of civil rights and failing to follow the law, at the county psych ward where Judge Rhonda Daniele was on the board before she was a judge, which caused the county detectives to decide to not investigate your computer intrusion or anything else, who indicated to the FBI that they were doing the surveillance and prevented FBI involvement in the case, who has terrorized and harassed the Defendant and everyone he knows, destroying his extended family, preventing him from having any friends.

While I welcomed the faux-friendship of the private investigators and the confidential informants who were dispatched to infiltrate my home and set me up. They were mistreated and disrespected by their handlers. The software used to make sure the informants don’t tell anyone of their involvement is the same software installed on my phones and computers.

The informants agree to their surveillance, it would take a judge issuing a warrant for my surveillance. Well, legally it would. No shortage of judges willing to ignore anyone’s rights.

Judge Del Ricci got that courtesy alert to recuse before I filed the document with the court. I had it edited down to 25 pages, when CM blocked my printer connection. The judge admitted to so many violations of judicial ethics in his recusal speech. His tech references were way off. Whatever he was describing wasn’t me, and BING was brand new and had not indexed my web site until August. Admirable effort concocting the back story.

Judge Bertin was the most reluctant of the corrupt. I always felt his reluctance to become embroiled in the corruption.

The penalty for not doing what Angst & Angst want is exposure by them. It is the same penalty for doing everything they want.

That is clearly demonstrated by the most eager and willing judge to involve herself in the case. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has enthusiastically and eagerly participated disregarding civil and human rights, forgetting the law, ignoring procedures, committing fraud with her schedule, and when all else fails just outright making shit up. She thinks that people might believe the retarded lies. You are a judge, and you can get away with treating people like shit, and destroying them, and you can have a team of deputies who do your bidding, they do it because they want their jobs. They have no respect for you or the way you treat people.

Judge Carluccio embraced being the point person for the destruction of everything I had struggled and persevered to preserve and maintain. Judge Bertin’s reluctance was instantly forgotten with the arrival of the extreme malice and outright cruelty exhibited by Judge Carolyn Carluccio. Judge Carluccio has demonstrated her determination to complete my destruction. Intentionally issuing a bad order is a talked about trait of Carluccio’s court. The Unappealable Order. When documented that the order was procedurally defective and you would have to stall and delay for 5 years instead of your usual 30 days must have been a shock. Your actions to retaliate for my discovering and documenting your miscalculation required extra effort. Your continuing fraud in the opinion attempting to quosh the appeal demonstrates some desperation.

Why exert so much effort to prevent the appeal? Pride? No. Ego? No. Judge Carluccio has not attempted to resolve any issue in a fair manner. When everything she does clearly indicates that she intended for me to have nothing. Someone may ask. Why? What could one man have possibly done to cause such a complete failure of the judicial system? What could I ever have done which might justify the extreme corrupt behavior of the judiciary?

Only one answer fits. I survived and persevered that justice would be served and the truth would be heard and I documented it. I’m not capable of suicide. I wish at times I could have done it. It has been hard to watch what it has done to people who are forced to be spectators because no one will stop an out of control judiciary. And a judge can do whatever a judge wants to do… No one watches. No one cares. When the judges actions are so egregious any attempt to apply judicial impunity will be difficult.

Startling to discover that the District Attorneys Drug Task Force is used as the paramilitary branch of the judiciary, and actively participate in the area drug trade.

That’s a good start on the amount of leverage that Valerie Angst applied on September 23. She was using the leverage of everyone she had manipulated into liability. She has used that leverage since she and Rhonda Daniele began the cover up in August 2007.

The leverage grew. The terror continued. The injustice grew. The liability grew.

I am damaged, but I survived… I honestly do not know how. Someone has to make them stop. Perhaps it is again time to contact the folks in St. Paul for a meeting.

The manipulations of a socipath.

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