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10/16/2011 8:30 AM


After a lengthy investigation, Tredyffrin Township Police Department arrested Jay Anthony Ciccarone and charged him with the following:

1. Unlawful Use of Computer

2. Interception, Disclosure or Use of Electronic and Oral Communications

3. Unlawful access to Store Communications.

The investigation stemmed from the victim, an ex-wife of Ciccarone who had made allegations to police that her daily activities were somehow being monitored.Through the investigation, information was uncovered that the defendant had made comments to others that he had been monitoring his ex-wife’s activities.

In October of 2010, Detective Sergeant John Bailey had the victim’s computer forensically examined and through this methodical process a computer program known as “Web Watcher” was detected. It was subsequently determined through the investigation that this software package is known to work by recording all manner of activity on a specific computer without the knowledge of the user. This includes keystroke logging, and capturing all email and internet activity. The program itself is designed to be completely “stealth”, meaning that it is hidden from the intended victim.

In September 2011, after a Court order was executed and the information obtained, a warrant of arrest was issued for Ciccarone. Ciccarone was taken into custody Monday evening and arraigned before the Magisterial District Judge Mark Bruno in West Chester. Bail was set at $7500.00 cash, which the defendant posted.

Please direct any questions to Detective Sergeant John Bailey at 610-408-3649.

Source: Tredyffrin Township Web Site

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