While programs are available to the general public to hack phones and computers, there will never be any technology security.

Phones and computers can be hacked, and then used to hack each other. Bluetooth is NOT a friendly technology. It is more like a rapist waiting to attack… or a molester stalking their prey. It is the technology which is ignored and left unsecure with the capacity to destroy and damage and infiltrate all the technology in your life.

Any phone which is brought into an office could potentially be hacking your computer.

Verizon does nothing to prevent it. And the Anti-Virus people allow it.

The intrusion programs are sold by Awareness Technologies to hack every digital device. And they sell it cheap, and it is undermining all networks everywhere… and no one prosecutes the perpetrators, and no one protects the victims.

They caught a man in Chester County last month using WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies. In Montgomery County they don’t investigate the tech intrusions… because Montgomery County uses the programs themselves, or advises others to use them – Remember, Lower Merion School District spying on the school children? It’s also how the county makes sure their confidential informants remain confidential. Informants know their phones and computers are being watched… because if they tell anyone what they are doing, they disapear to serve the original sentence for the crime that got them into the program. (And in the case of 3 people I know, me making up a story about them apologizing caused them to disappear.)

Awareness Technologies also provides the “security” to a number of Federal Agencies… apparently the fact that they have a Chinese parent company and their programs are based on a spyware virus which stopped being detected in February 2007 are no reason to worry. No one thinks the Chinese are a technology threat. {Yes, that was sarcasm.}

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