Why has Risa Ferman ignored the crimes being committed against me?

Why has Risa Ferman not prosecuted the Robbery? The Fraud? The False allegations? the perjury?

Why has Risa Ferman not investigated the misdeeds of Angst & Angst?

Why has Risa Ferman allowed me to be terrorized since 2007?

In 2007 Risa Ferman became District Attorney. In 2011, she is again running for the office.

Is she running because she believes in justice and the law?” or because she won’t prosecute lawyers and judges without ethics who believe they have the right to destroy people and families?

I have contacted the District Attorney a number of times… she has NEVER responded or acted on my complaints. It would seems that she is part of the coverup. After all, her resources were wasted investigating me, surveilling me, terrorizing me… to what end? They failed to set me up as a drug dealer.

Risa Ferman knows the drug dealers in the area. She uses them as part of her Drug Task Force. She uses them to set people up. She allows them to operate in the county. One lived within 3 blocks of the courthouse. She arrested him multiple times, yet put him back on the street repeatedly. She knew what he was doing. She allowed it to go on. Each time he was freed, he would contact me under the guise of selling me drugs. I didn’t know he was a dealer. I knew him from his real life, in the movie industry.

The private investigator that Risa Ferman has contracted to manage her confidential informants is out of control. They use sex and drugs to set people up. They failed to set me up. I am not a drug dealer. I am not a drug addict. The names of many of the informants appear on this site under another post. When I met them, I saw people in trouble and I tried to help them. I trusted them… well, I tried to trust them. When they realized that what they were doing to me was wrong, they became very troubled and disappeared.

I am a victim of an out of control county, acting on the direction of a lawyer who got caught advising her client to commit a federal crime. But no one will investigate because she AND HER FRIENDS ON THE BENCH have manipulated law enforcement and had them terrorize me for 5 years. The facts on this web site are clear.

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