The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has denied the petition as they are without jurisdiction.

The petition to proceed in forma pauperis of petitioner, defendant below, is DENIED. See Municipal Pub .
v. Court of Com. Pleas, 489 A.2d 1286 (Pa. 1985) (where there was no appeal pending before Superior
Court and that court’s jurisdiction was not being infringed upon by the trial court’s action, there was no
predicate for Superior Court’s exercise of jurisdiction to issue writ of prohibition; Supreme Court of
Pennsylvania has original jurisdiction to issue a writ on the lower court where no appeal is pending)

So now the smallest of issues moves on to the Supreme Court of PA, and will expose the ethics violations and the fraud committed on September 23, 2011 by a judge who was without jurisdiction and was actively preventing the Appeal from moving forward.

… on to the Supreme Court of PA.

… then I will begin preparing the petition for the U.S. Eastern District Court.

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