Every day the feeling gets stronger. They are going to murder me to silence me, silence this web site and avoid prosecution.

They have not been able to cause my suicide, so they will likely attempt to make it appear a suicide. I assure you, I’m not capable of suicide.

My life has never felt more threatened.

I live in fear.

Spoke to PA Attorney General’s office.
Spoke to Judicial Conduct Board.
Spoke to FBI.
Spoke to US DOJ.

PA Attorney General is the cheif law enforcement officer in the state with responsibility to investigate public corruption.

The Judicial Conduct Board has no prosecutorial powers, and directed me to contact the Attorney General. Their investigations have been less than thorough… because if they were, this might have ended 4 judges ago after the first report.

FBI is responsible for investigating the crimes and turning iot over to the US Attorney’s office for prosecution. The investigation is complete. Read this web site. The information is all here.

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