** UPDATE 10/20/2011: Sheriff Eileen Behr called this morning and indicated she would be in touch later today with the information. I have asked her to also investigate the larger issue of corruption in the judiciary and their use of county resources to harass and terrorize me since 2007. **

** UPDATE 10/20/2011: Sheriff Behr did NOT contact me later in the day today with the requested information. Disappointing. Perhaps what she found confirmed what I told her about the conspiracy and cover-up… and how it compromised the drug task force. **

** UPDATE 10/26/2011: Sheriff Behr has still not contacted me with the information requested. According to the newspaper, she spent time on Monday with the DA Risa Ferman, and Police Chief Brady in Montgomery Township. I am concluding that she has been advised to prevent me from obtaining the information as it will directly involve the judiciary, the police and the drug task force in the actions since 2007. **

I am still awaiting a return call from the County Sheriff regarding why her deputies were at my home on June 9, 2011.

I expect it will reveal further ex parte activity. It will reveal even more when the true purpose of their involvement is explained.

Sheriff Behr is running for re-election, perhaps that is why she hasn’t returned my call.

There is not one person in the Sheriff’s Department who can answer the question. I have contacted them and gotten the run around from phone to phone. I don’t intend to waste their time when they can;t provide me the document. I did speak to one person who indicated that he was at my home.

And maybe this explains why Judge Carluccio denied my petition requesting the document without holding any hearing. The conspiracy and corruption are beginning to consume every faux proceeding. Judge Carolyn Carluccio is determined to prevent and pervert justice and terrorize the victim.

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