Sheriff Behr has still not responded with the information requested weeks ago. It seems strange that she is delaying providing the information requested. All I asked for was the reason deputies from her department were sent to my home on June 9, 2011.

When I tried to call her this morning at the numbers I had used before, and that she had called me from, the phones had been disconnected.

Once again, it seems that any request for information of any kind is denied and prevented. WHY? Why would it be necessary to deny me that information? What was the true purpose of their involvement? Who authorized it? Who requested it? Who are they covering up for?

Sonya Healy indicated under oath she did not request their involvement.

She further added that she did not ask her attorney to request their involvement.

She further testified that her attorney did not request their involvement.

Judge Carolyn Carlucci dismissed my petition requesting the information and documentation.

WHY? What are they attempting to hide? And why would Sheriff Eileen Behr join their conspiracy of silence?

If there was nothing to conspire and conceal, then why the games? Why the disconnected phone numbers? And why can’t I communicate on your Facebook Wall any longer?

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