When the lawyer and the judge planned to destroy me, they used the tools available to them

When I discovered their computer intrusion, they had me involuntarily committed for no reason using fraudulent documents.

The judge was on the board at the psych ward. They manipulated the County Psych Hospital into their conspiracy.

They used the local police officer on the Drug task force to do this. The officer was now part of the conspiracy. The drug task force was now part of the conspiracy.

The FBI never responded to my requests for investigation of the computer intrusion, involving them in the conspiracy. No need for them to investigate, the County Drug Task Force was doing the surveillance through a private investigator.

The Custody master was next up, the judge had issued a secret order taking my children away. The custody master kept the secret and acted on their manipulation.

Another judge was up next, he fell quickly, talking about things in the first 15 minutes that there was no way he would have any information about. He’d been breifed. He’d been manipulated. He would buy in and cause the terror to continue. He would also recuse just before I filed the request for his recusal because the drug task force was using their surveillance and had provided a 25 page document to him detailing his corruption.

The AntiVirus software company would also get manipulated into causing my identity theft. Strange, that when I an being accused of causing my wife’s identity theft, I have my credit cards compromised all over Asia. No one investigated.

Interim judge adds to the threat and violates civil rights, parental rights, legal rights and the Hague convention. All manipulated by the corrupt lawyer and the judge at the head of the family court division.

Next Judge was compromised almost immediately, but it wasn’t until I got the bill for his ex parte communications that he recused himself.

Next judge was so disrespectful and rude, he recused within a month.

next judge was determined to deny every right, every law, every petition. She had not a shred of humanity. She committed so many crimes in the few times I was bwefore her, there is not enough time to document everything she did.

She did everything wrong. She did everything in violation of law and procedures. She is doing everything possible to prevent resolution of any issue. She has caused my homelessness by her defective order. She has to conceal that, because she allowed them to sell my home under her defectifve order. Another of her orders allowed them to throw out all of my possessions.

In her courtroom, i was forced to endorse a check which guarantees I will never see any money from the sale of my home. That also keeps me from getting any money which might permit me to proceed with the Appeal she is blocking. She has lied on the bench about her actions in preventing the Appeal.

I am dealing with an evil that is beyond imagination. The actions of a sociopathic lawyer and her friend the head of family court. they have used their resources and the county resources and the resources of state and Federal law enforcement. And They still couldn’t set me up and arrest me.

Their actions are revealed. As a result they destroy me further.

I have no choice but to survive and try to get justice. It is not easy. It is a nightmare. Every mionute of every hour of every day for the last 5 years and the future. Because they will not stop until I am dead. They have compromised the law enforcement techniques of the county and the drug task force as their off the record paramilitary force.

For surviving, and figuring out what they were doing to me, and are doing to me , and will continue to do to me, everything I have ever loved and enjoyed has been stolen from me.

And that is the absolute truth. If it were not true, they would have had this web site taken down a long long time ago.

HELP STOP THEM! Contact someone to prosecute them. They will murder me.

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