FBI – Is there an internal affairs office that can investigate this?

There is no way for me to contact anyone to investigate without letting the perpetrators know who I am contacting. The people behind the intrusions then can circumvent my request.

I believe that former FBI agents are involved as private investigators, and instead of my complaints being investigated I instead an further investigated.

It is not, nor has it ever been, my intention to embarrass the FBI. The FBI has failed to investigate any complaint I have made in good faith. They have failed to respond or act in any way to investigate. Ever. WHY? I have been upfront with everyone I have ever asked to investigate. And ignored.
Montgomery Township Police.
Montgomery County Detectives.
PA State Police.
and every other state and federal organization and representative I could think of. ALL HAVE IGNORED THE COMPLAINT. It’s been 5 years of this. It is time to prosecute the criminals for their actions against me, and how they have played every law enforcement agency to conceal their crimes.

I know, it may be hard to admit that they played you. Admit it, and end the nightmare that they inflict on me daily, and the inclusion of even more people in their conspiracy. We are dealing with a sociopathic lawyers with no conscience. Everyone manipulated into enabling their crimes has been exposed by their further actions. The socipath delights in the disaster in their wake. Recent additions to the actions are the County Sheriff, The Realtor, the Real Estate Agency, the People they sold my home to. They won’t stop. And each person they involve is sworn to silence – and they have seen what was done to me. Their threat to guarantee silence shows the power of their corruption.

Today I was supposed to go the local FBI office based on instructions I had received from the Philadelphia office. BUT, I am too afraid to go alone.

Everyone I know is too afraid to go along with me.

I am left with no choices. I’ll make the report online and persevere.

No one helps. No one cares. Everyone is afraid.


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