Judge Andrew P. Napolitano examines the concept the government hates and fears the most: Freedom.

The United States of America was born out of a bloody revolt against tyranny. Yet almost from its inception, the government here has suppressed liberty. In his sixth book on the Constitution and human freedom, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano asks: Where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom?

In this back-to-basics on freedom, Judge Napolitano addresses hard questions:

Do we still have a Constitution?

An interview on THE DAILY SHOW


I spoke with someone today and during the conversation he asked if I was recording the call. His tone was almost accusing me of recording the call.

I responded that I was not recording the call, and that I have never recorded phone calls.*

It has been suggested that in his position he may have had technology to detect when calls are being recorded.

If that was the case and his indicators were indicating our conversation was being recorded, then doesn’t that suggest or confirm that my phone is under surveillance which I have been saying for 5 years.

*I have saved some voicemail messages. Several from Rose who turned out to be pretending to be an FBI agent, and another message from my son behaving very badly towards his grandmother.

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