Unrelenting terror, malice and corruption since 2007, and it would seem that there is no law enforcement when it comes down to corruption.

The crimes that have been committed against me are clear. Yet, remain unprosecuted. Why?

The ongoing terror harassment and intimidation by Judge Carolyn Carluccio is permitted to continue. WHY?

I have persevered and endured through 5 years of constant attacks, harassment, terror, fraud, false allegations, corrupt judges, secret court orders, and absolute malice from judges trying to protect their predecessors on the case from being exposed, by further denying me my rights.

Someone has to prosecute the corruption.


Judge Carolyn Carluccio misbehaves in her courtroom without regard for procedure, the law, or any respect for the parties before her. She sits on her bench and permits herself to be manipulated. There are actual moments when she probably thinks she is controlling the room.

A few snags to their plan. The judges forget that Valerie Angst, who’s actions the judges conceal and protect, is ALWAYS going to do something to them to keep them under her thumb. If they have any clue as to the history of this case, there is always the point where Angst & Angst are displeased with the outcome and throw the judge under the bus. They reveal the bad behavior and then the next judge gets brought in to cover it up.

On Sept 23, Judge Carluccio fell into a very clear set of traps.

1. The hearing which was scheduled was on several petitions. The hearing which was “heard” was on a petition filed at 10:30PM the night before and only delivered moments into the proceeding.

2. Judge Carluccio was adamant that the hearing was on papers filed in July. BUT ALL THEIR TESTIMONY WAS ABOUT THIS NEW DOCUMENT. Objections for relevance were repeatedly ignored. Requests for clarification of the purpose of the hearing were addressed by the judge who repeatedly re-affirmed the petition being discussed.


3. Judge Carluccio’s order clearly grants all of the things that were requested in this surprise petition.

4. But, the petition was not properly filed. It was not signed by Valerie Angst. It was not signed by Sonya Healy. AND VALERIE RECYCLED THE VERIFICATION PAGE FOR THE FIFTH TIME.

5. So, the petition was invalid. It hijacked the hearings we were supposed to be having. AND, the judge issued her order based on it. The transcript documents the obvious switch. The corruption is becoming more and more obvious.


6. Well, it’s not like they can schedule a hearing on the matter, because it has already been heard and the judge has issued the order, and the judge gave them everything they asked for. And the Judge’s Order clearly indicates the judge’s fraud. AND once again, the hearings on the matters DID NOT TAKE PLACE, but the order falsely indicates that they did.

7. To keep Judge Carluccio under her thumb, within a week Valerie Angst withdraws the surprise petition. (And fails to notify me of the withdrawal.)

8. If anything is questioned about it, the judge must once again protect herself. There will be no explanation, and no opportunity to explain. There is just another event which must be covered up.

NOTE: The true purpose of the surprise petition was to get an intensely emotional reaction out of me which could permit the judge to throw me in jail. The document indicated that my home had been sold out from under me. It was sold for the price I had offered for the home 2 years ago. The document indicated that they threw out ALL OF MY POSSESSIONS. After 5 years of terror, the extreme malice of this action is infuriating, but I have learned to expect their hateful demonstrations.

It is worth noting that the petitions which were scheduled addressed the Appeal filed in August, which has been stalled by Judge Carluccio. The refusal of the Judge to issue an order which could be followed. The motion to stay the sale of the home until the appeal could be worked out.

(Oh, and did I mention that the Judge continued the hearing from Sept 20 to Sept 23 because Sonya could not be there on the 20th, BECAUSE THAT WAS THE CLOSING DATE ON THE HOUSE. That date was set in July and prevented from me. That was an other petition, to get the information about the sale of the house. But Valerie Angst lied to everyone and informed them that I was not to be informed of the details of the sale.)

There will be alot of documents filed soon, because to attempt to get this much corruption documented in one petition would be too confusing.

And there are about 4 or 5 other clear indications of corruption and manipulation. valerie Angst knows how to get a judge on her side, and then keep them under her thumb. And the corrupt judges of Montgomery County continue to let her get away with it.

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