I received a package last week. Strange thing is, there are a number of indications that something is fishy.

1. The oversized envelope was ripped open and had been taped up. (This has happened to every package I have received in the last 5 years.)

2. The package was improperly hand addressed – wrong street name.

3. There was no return address label or indication of the sender of the package.

4. The typed letter inside was addressed to a different name than was on the envelope.
– My name was correctly spelled on the envelope (handwritten). Terance. This is odd because you would expect the envelope to have been addressed by copying from the letter.
– The letter was addressed to Thomas.
– My correct name is on each and every one of the fifteen additional documents included in the package.

5. The letter was written on October 12, 2011. The package was mailed on October 19, 2011 a full week later. As there was little care to the packaging or addressing, would it take a week from desk to mailroom?

6. When using that type of mailing label for postage, the postage may be post dated 7 days in advance. The package must be posted on the date on the label.

7. The letter refers to a File No. which is not included.

8. The letter is not signed by an identifiable signature.

9. The letter includes a non-working phone number to contact with questions.

10. When the department referenced in the letter was contacted it was indicated they had no knowledge of the document or the package.

11. The referenced department also additionally indicated they would not have handled the document, it would have been forwarded to another office.

12. The zip code that the document was posted from is correct, but not from the office which would have handled the issue.

13. The documents included were ones which I had hand delivered on March 17, 2011. There was no reason to return the documents to me. They were copies.

14. When I contacted the department about the letter and the documents, it was suggested I take everything to the FBI office in Fort Washington, PA to be evaluated.

15. The letterhead used for the letter inside was from the FBI in Philadelphia.

16. The documents were the ones I had delivered on March 17, 2011 to the FBI Philadelphia.

17. The person I spoke to was an FBI agent. (Whom I promised never to name on this blog. Promise kept.)

18. The person I spoke to was also the person I referenced in a previous post regarding surveillance.

There are so many anomalies with this package that it is difficult to believe the veracity of the package. I am working an angle on finding out the sender, but unfortunately I am too afraid to take it to the FBI alone.

The FBI has never returned any other documents provided. I believe the private investigator involved is comprised of former FBI agents. I believe someone at the FBI is covering up for the breach caused by their former employees who know the departments tactics – and they may have compromised the FBI investigative abilities by pretending to be the FBI.

The metered mailing label includes an indicia.

Each “indicium” or “indicia” is completely unique and includes information about delivery and who mailed the mailpiece. Because the indicium carries information about who created the indicium, the USPS should be able to trace the indicium to the creator and identify them.


FBI – Is there an internal affairs office that can investigate this?

There is no way for me to contact anyone to investigate without letting the perpetrators know who I am contacting. The people behind the intrusions then can circumvent my request.

I believe that former FBI agents are involved as private investigators, and instead of my complaints being investigated I instead an further investigated.

It is not, nor has it ever been, my intention to embarrass the FBI. The FBI has failed to investigate any complaint I have made in good faith. They have failed to respond or act in any way to investigate. Ever. WHY? I have been upfront with everyone I have ever asked to investigate. And ignored.
Montgomery Township Police.
Montgomery County Detectives.
PA State Police.
and every other state and federal organization and representative I could think of. ALL HAVE IGNORED THE COMPLAINT. It’s been 5 years of this. It is time to prosecute the criminals for their actions against me, and how they have played every law enforcement agency to conceal their crimes.

I know, it may be hard to admit that they played you. Admit it, and end the nightmare that they inflict on me daily, and the inclusion of even more people in their conspiracy. We are dealing with a sociopathic lawyers with no conscience. Everyone manipulated into enabling their crimes has been exposed by their further actions. The socipath delights in the disaster in their wake. Recent additions to the actions are the County Sheriff, The Realtor, the Real Estate Agency, the People they sold my home to. They won’t stop. And each person they involve is sworn to silence – and they have seen what was done to me. Their threat to guarantee silence shows the power of their corruption.

Today I was supposed to go the local FBI office based on instructions I had received from the Philadelphia office. BUT, I am too afraid to go alone.

Everyone I know is too afraid to go along with me.

I am left with no choices. I’ll make the report online and persevere.

No one helps. No one cares. Everyone is afraid.



I was ordered to vacate the home on June 9, 2011. I did so even though the Court Order was defective and invalid.

On June 10, 2011, Liberty Mutual received an insurance claim which indicates the insured is me, the claimant is me, and the payment was made to me. I know nothing about this claim except that I was coerced and forced to endorse checks from Liberty Mutual during hearings on July 18, 2011, and September 23, 2011.

I requested the reason for the claim and the information has not been provided.

I believe the claim to be fraudulent.

On June 22, 2011, Liberty Mutual received an insurance claim which indicates the insured is me, the claimant is me, and the payment was made to me. I know nothing about this claim except that I was coerced and forced to endorse checks from Liberty Mutual during hearings on July 18, 2011, and September 23, 2011.

I requested the reason for the claim and the information has not been provided.

I believe the claim to be fraudulent.

On August 14, 2011, Liberty Mutual received an insurance claim which indicates the insured is me, the claimant is me, and the payment was made to me. I know nothing about this claim. I found out about this claim when I received a check for payment.

I believe the claim to be fraudulent.

I have contacted Liberty Mutual to investigate the claims. As I was forced to endorse the checks under duress without any explanation for the claims, I accept no responsibility for the claims or for the information provided to Liberty Mutual.

A reminder to Liberty Mutual. The last claim was when Sonya Healy broke into, vandalised and burglarized the home. Additionally, she poisoned the dog causing it’s death six months later.

Numerous petitions submitted to the court with such clear legal errors to ensure that Sonya Healy could sue her attorney for malpractice. Her attorney is highly skilled at delaying tactics and preventing resolution of any matter… and getting paid off after exhausting and costing insurance companies excessive legal fees.


Terance Healy


Sheriff Behr has still not responded with the information requested weeks ago. It seems strange that she is delaying providing the information requested. All I asked for was the reason deputies from her department were sent to my home on June 9, 2011.

When I tried to call her this morning at the numbers I had used before, and that she had called me from, the phones had been disconnected.

Once again, it seems that any request for information of any kind is denied and prevented. WHY? Why would it be necessary to deny me that information? What was the true purpose of their involvement? Who authorized it? Who requested it? Who are they covering up for?

Sonya Healy indicated under oath she did not request their involvement.

She further added that she did not ask her attorney to request their involvement.

She further testified that her attorney did not request their involvement.

Judge Carolyn Carlucci dismissed my petition requesting the information and documentation.

WHY? What are they attempting to hide? And why would Sheriff Eileen Behr join their conspiracy of silence?

If there was nothing to conspire and conceal, then why the games? Why the disconnected phone numbers? And why can’t I communicate on your Facebook Wall any longer?


Judge Andrew P. Napolitano examines the concept the government hates and fears the most: Freedom.

The United States of America was born out of a bloody revolt against tyranny. Yet almost from its inception, the government here has suppressed liberty. In his sixth book on the Constitution and human freedom, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano asks: Where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom?

In this back-to-basics on freedom, Judge Napolitano addresses hard questions:

Do we still have a Constitution?

An interview on THE DAILY SHOW


I spoke with someone today and during the conversation he asked if I was recording the call. His tone was almost accusing me of recording the call.

I responded that I was not recording the call, and that I have never recorded phone calls.*

It has been suggested that in his position he may have had technology to detect when calls are being recorded.

If that was the case and his indicators were indicating our conversation was being recorded, then doesn’t that suggest or confirm that my phone is under surveillance which I have been saying for 5 years.

*I have saved some voicemail messages. Several from Rose who turned out to be pretending to be an FBI agent, and another message from my son behaving very badly towards his grandmother.


** UPDATE 10/20/2011: Sheriff Eileen Behr called this morning and indicated she would be in touch later today with the information. I have asked her to also investigate the larger issue of corruption in the judiciary and their use of county resources to harass and terrorize me since 2007. **

** UPDATE 10/20/2011: Sheriff Behr did NOT contact me later in the day today with the requested information. Disappointing. Perhaps what she found confirmed what I told her about the conspiracy and cover-up… and how it compromised the drug task force. **

** UPDATE 10/26/2011: Sheriff Behr has still not contacted me with the information requested. According to the newspaper, she spent time on Monday with the DA Risa Ferman, and Police Chief Brady in Montgomery Township. I am concluding that she has been advised to prevent me from obtaining the information as it will directly involve the judiciary, the police and the drug task force in the actions since 2007. **

I am still awaiting a return call from the County Sheriff regarding why her deputies were at my home on June 9, 2011.

I expect it will reveal further ex parte activity. It will reveal even more when the true purpose of their involvement is explained.

Sheriff Behr is running for re-election, perhaps that is why she hasn’t returned my call.

There is not one person in the Sheriff’s Department who can answer the question. I have contacted them and gotten the run around from phone to phone. I don’t intend to waste their time when they can;t provide me the document. I did speak to one person who indicated that he was at my home.

And maybe this explains why Judge Carluccio denied my petition requesting the document without holding any hearing. The conspiracy and corruption are beginning to consume every faux proceeding. Judge Carolyn Carluccio is determined to prevent and pervert justice and terrorize the victim.


When the lawyer and the judge planned to destroy me, they used the tools available to them

When I discovered their computer intrusion, they had me involuntarily committed for no reason using fraudulent documents.

The judge was on the board at the psych ward. They manipulated the County Psych Hospital into their conspiracy.

They used the local police officer on the Drug task force to do this. The officer was now part of the conspiracy. The drug task force was now part of the conspiracy.

The FBI never responded to my requests for investigation of the computer intrusion, involving them in the conspiracy. No need for them to investigate, the County Drug Task Force was doing the surveillance through a private investigator.

The Custody master was next up, the judge had issued a secret order taking my children away. The custody master kept the secret and acted on their manipulation.

Another judge was up next, he fell quickly, talking about things in the first 15 minutes that there was no way he would have any information about. He’d been breifed. He’d been manipulated. He would buy in and cause the terror to continue. He would also recuse just before I filed the request for his recusal because the drug task force was using their surveillance and had provided a 25 page document to him detailing his corruption.

The AntiVirus software company would also get manipulated into causing my identity theft. Strange, that when I an being accused of causing my wife’s identity theft, I have my credit cards compromised all over Asia. No one investigated.

Interim judge adds to the threat and violates civil rights, parental rights, legal rights and the Hague convention. All manipulated by the corrupt lawyer and the judge at the head of the family court division.

Next Judge was compromised almost immediately, but it wasn’t until I got the bill for his ex parte communications that he recused himself.

Next judge was so disrespectful and rude, he recused within a month.

next judge was determined to deny every right, every law, every petition. She had not a shred of humanity. She committed so many crimes in the few times I was bwefore her, there is not enough time to document everything she did.

She did everything wrong. She did everything in violation of law and procedures. She is doing everything possible to prevent resolution of any issue. She has caused my homelessness by her defective order. She has to conceal that, because she allowed them to sell my home under her defectifve order. Another of her orders allowed them to throw out all of my possessions.

In her courtroom, i was forced to endorse a check which guarantees I will never see any money from the sale of my home. That also keeps me from getting any money which might permit me to proceed with the Appeal she is blocking. She has lied on the bench about her actions in preventing the Appeal.

I am dealing with an evil that is beyond imagination. The actions of a sociopathic lawyer and her friend the head of family court. they have used their resources and the county resources and the resources of state and Federal law enforcement. And They still couldn’t set me up and arrest me.

Their actions are revealed. As a result they destroy me further.

I have no choice but to survive and try to get justice. It is not easy. It is a nightmare. Every mionute of every hour of every day for the last 5 years and the future. Because they will not stop until I am dead. They have compromised the law enforcement techniques of the county and the drug task force as their off the record paramilitary force.

For surviving, and figuring out what they were doing to me, and are doing to me , and will continue to do to me, everything I have ever loved and enjoyed has been stolen from me.

And that is the absolute truth. If it were not true, they would have had this web site taken down a long long time ago.

HELP STOP THEM! Contact someone to prosecute them. They will murder me.


As humans, we are horrified when we learn that a person in distress is not helped, even when, as in this case, many potential helpers are present. Our horror increases if the person is victimized in a particularly vicious or careless way by fellow human beings.

Our horror is further heightened when we learn that the victim is helpless and the kind of person who normally stimulates our instinct to aid and protect.

Our spontaneous reaction is to say: “Had I been there, I would have helped; what is wrong with these people?” If an incident occurs in a foreign country or culture, it is easy — maybe tempting, as we grapple with something so baffling — to conclude that the particular culture is to blame, that it is being callous, uncaring or egotistical.

No one has helped me or stepped forward to prosecute the crimes against me.


Every day the feeling gets stronger. They are going to murder me to silence me, silence this web site and avoid prosecution.

They have not been able to cause my suicide, so they will likely attempt to make it appear a suicide. I assure you, I’m not capable of suicide.

My life has never felt more threatened.

I live in fear.

Spoke to PA Attorney General’s office.
Spoke to Judicial Conduct Board.
Spoke to FBI.
Spoke to US DOJ.

PA Attorney General is the cheif law enforcement officer in the state with responsibility to investigate public corruption.

The Judicial Conduct Board has no prosecutorial powers, and directed me to contact the Attorney General. Their investigations have been less than thorough… because if they were, this might have ended 4 judges ago after the first report.

FBI is responsible for investigating the crimes and turning iot over to the US Attorney’s office for prosecution. The investigation is complete. Read this web site. The information is all here.

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