Sunday, September 4, 2011
When I arrive at the house, I begin to take pictures. Sonya ran for the garage door so that I could not get pictures of what remained in the garage. (You can see legs as the door is being pulled down.)

Dissipation of Assets. Visible in the trailer is the Entertainment center from the Family room, A table which was non-marital, the bar cart from the deck, Christmas Decorations, concrete mold, a bureau. I was unable to see what had been placed in the truck bed.

They called police on me. I wasn’t violating any court orders, or any laws.
I took some pictures, then I drove to McDonald’s grabbed a biscuit and a drink and returned to find the police there.

The Pick Up Truck and trailer leave while police are still talking with me. Shows that things are in the truck bed, but not identifiable.

Police return to talk with Colin and Sonya.

Entertainment center from basement is left at curb for trash.

Police cars lining the street. She made another false report to police. Police will not get involved in a civil matter… unless it becomes something it is not.

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