When you do a favor for Valerie Angst, I can assure you when it all comes down, Valerie Angst will throw you under the bus. The woman is a sociopath.

Last week, Judge Carluccio was thrown under the bus in a hearing where she committed so many procedural and legal violations, aside from the fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, malice, cruelty, she demonstrated as she attempted to threaten and intimidate me, while further issuing orders to hurt me financially and emotionally… Because Judge Carluccio can do these things. Not by law. She can do it because no one will stop her. No one is watching. Judge Carluccio is unashamedly corrupt, malicious and cruel. Terrorizing the victim of injustice, because he survived to expose it.

Just because Judge Carluccio CAN do these things does not make them lawful and legal. As with each target who has been manipulated in this case, Valerie has them double down on their actions. With Judge Carluccio, her extreme actions generate so much chaos that it is necessary to single out the list of ‘acts’ before you even try to see how they envelope in Judge Carluccio’s entire courtroom.

Here is the short list of Judge Carluccio’s actions. I am putting them in chronological order as you can see things grow larger and more malicious.

Dec 2010 – Judge Carluccio permits an ethical violation by Valerie Angst. When notified, she commits 2 ethical violations herself. One for not addressing it with Valerie Angst. Another for not correcting the error and providing me the documents.

Dec 2010 – Judge Carluccio then further shows her determination to prevent the revelaion of the content of the inappropriate ex parte communicationm between herself and Angst & Angst by denying a motion for production of the document. Judge Carluccio does so without any hearing.

January 2011 – Judge Carluccio demonstrates her determination to not have hearings on any matter by scheduling hearings for June 1-2, 2011. The petitions have been pending since as long as August 2010 and all deal with enforcement issues. The enforcement issues date back to July 2007. There is no way to enforce a court order without the court taking action.

February 2011. Judge Carluccio gets caught rushing a hearing in an attempt to throw me out of my home. She conspires with Valerie Angst to quickly schedules a hearing. She has no time for the hearing, and does not expect a response. the response clearly documents the injustice experienced since August 2007. The hearing is ended without the opportunity to present and Response and Counter Petition because Judge Carluccio does not have time for the hearing. The hearing is never resumed.

March 2011 – Judge Carluccio secretly changes her schedule to indicate the June 1-2, 2011 hearings are being held on March 29, 2011. No notice is sent to the parties. I notice this ‘error’ and point it out in the court additionally requesting the emails/praecipes which caused this erroneous scheduling. It is denied. Judge Carluccio tries to cover indicating it is an error. Judge Carluccio repeated states that her order for the hearing is correct. Equitable Distribution. Judge Carluccio repeatedly refuses to hear testimony relating to the outstanding petitions. She repeatedly lies indicating that those petitions will be heard at a later date. At the end of the day, she schedules the hearings for May 5. Now they are compressed from 2 full days into a few hours. It is obvious there is no intent to hold protracted hearings.

April 2011 – Judge Carluccio, without benefit of any hearing, testimony, or review of the evidence docketed and submitted, cancels the hearings and denies the petitions for a variety of reasons. Again, without a hearing, how can these reasons be determined. Judge Carluccio is diggin herself in deeper. Wasting an incredible amount of time with delays and not addressing any of the matters. The schedule has become the biggest problem in the case.

May 2011 – judge Carluccio issues a vague order which seems to cancel the hearings but is unclear. She refuses to clarify leading me to think she is setting me up for a no show which permits her to cancel the petitions and blame me for it. I show up for the hearings prepared and am turned away. The judge then falsely reports that I made a threat against her. I am surrounded and escorted from the building. The Deputies realize they have been manipulated when I show them the order issued indicating I had to appear in court that morning.

May 2011 – Judge Carluccio issues a defective Divorce Decree and Equitable Distrubtion Order. Aside from the incredible bias being ordered giving everything to my wife financially, and power of attorney, etc… the order is defective because they neglected to follow proper procedure. This is pointed out to Judge Carluccio and she fails to permit a hearing on the matter, instead permitting irreparable damage to be committed by the Plaintiff. She has ordered me homeless, and my possessions are now being thrown out in violation of all orders. (REMEMBER: There have been no enforcement hearings where the Plaintiff has been held accountable for any violation of a Court Order. She has unexplained impunity.)

June 2011 – Judge Carluccio fails to respond quickly, and further ignores the emergency filing. All the while I am homeless, with no access to my possessions, while I am aware they are being thrown out. There is nothing I can do but wait for the hearing in July.

July 2011 – Judge Carluccio holds a hearing where after refusing to hear any relevant testimony, she reaffirms her defective order and relenquishes jurisdiction. This is accomplished in the first 6 p[ages of the transcript. Judge Carluccio then continues another 76 pages hearing other issues which were not on the schedule, and where the Defendant is not permitted to address or respond. At the end all petitions are denied without explanation. The judge makes a faux apology because the time for an appeal has tolled. But she is wrong and I point this out to her.

At this point, my home is secretly put up for sale out from under me. The Plaintiff has waited 2 months to act ‘immediately’ as she had been ordered on May 9, 2011. I find out none of this information easily. All information is being blocked and prevented from my access.

I file the Appeal, and the judge delays it. She would lie about this action later, but it is documented.

I notify the real estate agent of the Appeal.

I notify the Real Estate Company of the Appeal.

I speak with Keller Williams lawyer about the Appeal.

No one will provide me any of the dates associated with the sale. These dates have already been set as of July 27, 2011. The house sold in under 2 weeks in July.

The Appeal requires the Judge to maintain the status quo. Even though a document was filed to stay the sale of the home because of the irreparable nature of it, no emergency hearing is scheduled. The hearing is eventually scheduled for September 20, 2011. (On July 27, 2011, the date was already set as the closing date for the sale of the home.)

Valerie Angst requests a continuance of the hearings on September 20, and Judge Carluccio grants the continuance immediately. this reveals the intent to sell the home out from under me. And Valerie Angst is aware of all of the dates as she has spoken to all parties to the sale, except me.

Whether or not Judge Carluccio knows the date is the closing date is not relevant. Valerie Angst in asking for the continuance is preparing to throw Judge Carluccio under the bus. All of the proceeding misdeeds suggest the full participation of Judge Carluccio in the conspiracy, etc… Now Judge Carluccio is about to be exposed even more. Once again she will go willingingly and enthusiastically into the manipulation.

Late the night before the September 23, 2011 hearing, Valerie Angst write up a Response and Counterpetition. The document is elecctronically filed but not signed. The verification is a copy of one which has been used 5 times before, it is also not part of the electronic filing. The electronic filing has no signature. It is invalid. The response and counter has not been served on the other party, it is not ready for court. A copy is provided to me moments after Judge Carluccio begins the hearing.

Judge Carluccio has already begun indicating she does not have time for all of the issues before her. The hearing begins and the testimony has nothing to do with the sanctions requested relating to the July 18 hearing. This is the primary purpose of the hearing. Judge Carluccio repeatedly indicates and reclarifies the topic for the hearing. The testimony is way off topic and I continue to object for relevance. I am overruled. I persist indicating that the testimony has no relevance to the petition for sanctions which is being heard.

The testimony is Sonya Healy proudly announcing that she has sold my home on the date she was unable to come to court. That she has additionally disposed of all of my furniture and possessions, as Judge Carluccio ordered she may do prior to closing. That she had cancelled the arbitration and prevented any separation of assets and instead thrown everything away. That she had called the police when I had caugfht her throwing away possessions in violation of the court orders. the testimony is designed to indicate to me that they have destroyed everything I own and sold my home out from under me. They are bragging. They did it base don a defective order under appeal… so while I followed the court procedures and Judge Carluccio delayed everything and continued every hearing, Judge Carluccio was enabling them to exact further destruction of my life.

BUT, the testimony is not relevant to the issue. Judge Carluccio has signaled for the sheriff department’s deputies to surround me. About seven deputies are in the courtroom. They were expecting an emotional outburst at me hearing about what they have done to me. The latest cruel injustice. I object to the testimony for relevance and am denied. Their intent was to get a reaction and cause me to be thrown in jail. It fails as it has every time they played this game.

When I fail to react emotionally ofr violently, Judge Carluccio decides to end the hearing (???) and issue her rulings. She has heard no testimony regarding the volume of petitions filed. She has permitted no exhibits to be presented. As I attempt to question how she is ruling without any hearings, I am shhh’d. The judge’s order is intended to cause further financial hardsship, and cause me to be in contempt as she has ordered me to provide items swhich I do not have.

It is only after the hearing that it is realized, the hearing the judge was having was in regard to the counterpetition submitted UNSIGNED and UNSERVED and without any time to prepare. Once again an experience in the Court Of judge Carluccio has been a bait an switch. Additionally, Judge Carluccio no longer has jurisdiction to issue these types of orders. She has issued her final order and relenquished jurisdiction. She is aware of an Appela in process and has very limited jurisdiction except to maintain the status quo and permit a party to proceed in forma pauperis. Something she has clearly and maliciously NOT DONE.

It is the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis that she has refused to hear since August 15, 2011. That she has lied about not being assigned. That she called Court Administration asking them to ignore. That Karen from Court Admin called me about the judge refusing to take any action. That I have refiled because over a month delay would require a refiling of the document. That I have escalated to the Superior Court Of Pennsylvania.

OH SHIT… They didn’t know that part??? The Superior Court of PA has had the documents for a week already, docketed and served upon the necessary parties. With courtesy copies delivered at the hearing on Sept 23. While Carolyn carlucio has prefvented the documents from being sent to Philadelphia, and has pretended to be procweeding with the Appeal asking for a concise list of errors being appealed. (The Appeal process is very detail and date ordered. The Request for a Concise List is a great prevention method because if not completeed and delivered timely, it cancels any appeal EVER.) To their SURPRISE, they had not been so successful at preventing the Superior Court from hearing about this case.

That did not stop the malice. That did not prevent Judge Carluccio from issuing orders where she had no jurisdiction. Judge Carluccio did not wish to discuss her lack of jurisdiction. That was denied also.

There was no cross examination. There was no testimony. There was no presentation of the case. No Submission or review of any exhibits. This was a session to beat of their victim further and see if he would crack. It was an opportunity for them to demonstrate the power of a corrupt judge who can violate the law and prevent anyone from ever helping you. I know the power of coprruption. This web site is full of examples which I have lived through persevered through and endured… so that after all was done. Everything I own could be thrown away, and my home could be sold out from under me illegally by a judge who was delighted at the opportunity to destroy a man. A judge so drunk with power that she terrorized a defendant without fear of prosecution. The law does not apply in her court. No one was going to stop her. No one was watching her corruption. Her active obstruction of justice. Her boldly conspiring to devastate. Not until she was done annihilating this man’s life.

And during the hearing Valerie Angst clearly threatened the Judge on the record… when she boldly presented her invoice for sanctions to the judge and refused to provide copies to me. It was the Angst Invoice which revealed judge Bertin;s illegal ex parte activity. I bet the invoice being presented ex parte in open court and on the record implicated Judge carluccio in Valerie Angsts’s crimes. I was denied a copy. Initially they had asked for $3000 in sanctions when they filed in July. The Judge instead ordered me to pay $13,750. Did the judge award Valerie Angst a bonus to prevent the judge’s particiation from being revealed. I get to pay an extra $10,000 for following the orders, the procedures the rules of appeallte procedure, and permitting them to continue and reschedule to destroy me further.

Valerie Angst has demonstrated her sociopathic skills and abilities since she began this case in January 2007. I have been the victim of her psychotic actions. I just won’t commit suicide. So Valerie Angst must continue to ‘manipulate the willing’ – the police, the detectives, the judges of the court – until justice is served.

Each time the inappropriate action was pointed out, the victim (me) is further victimized. This has occurred since the start of this nightmare. The victim has no choice but to ask for help or releif from those who are destroying him. This may explain the sound of silence in the Courtroom when I announced in court and served Judge Carluccio and Valerie Angst with the paperwork filed with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. I suppose they thought they were effective at preventing the escalation to the higher court. That’s why they sold my house and threw out my possessions… they wanted to make me cry. To survive 5 years of their terror to find in the opening minutes of a hearing that these event occurred based on her defective order was supposed to distract me from the hearing. Well, they were holding a hearing on a different topic anyway. It’s in the transcript.

This document does not even begin to document the manipulation of the separation of marital assets which permitted them to be thrown away as authorized by Judge Carluccio and where I had no opportunity to collect my things, or have the court respond. There are so many issues, and I am one man who has to deal with all of them, while their team continues to grow.

PLEASE. Someone must stop these hateful people from their crimes. PLEASE.

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