The sale of my home was illegal and as such is invalid.

I was not advised of any of the dates regarding contracts or closing until September 23, 2011.

The Order which permitted Sonya Power of Attorney is based on a defective Divorce Decree. That causes that order to be void.

The Documents regarding the sale of my home were not signed by me therefore they are invalid.

Sonya Healy did not have the authority to enter into a contract to sell the home on my behalf.

The Defective Order was under Appeal, as such the Judge had a responsibility to maintain the status quo until a hearing could be heard.

A Hearing on the matter was scheduled for September 20, 2011.

At the Request of Valerie Angst the hearing was continued to September 23, 2011. Valerie knew the closing date was set for September 20, 2011. The closing date was set as of July 26, 2011 with the Buyers. Sonya Healy was aware of it as of July 27, 2011. I was not permitted to be informed of the sale date.

The Appeal was filed timely on August 15, 2011. BUT INTENTIONALLY DELAYED BY JUDGE CAROLYN CARLUCCIO.

I contacted the Real Estate – Keller Williams about the Appeal process. They were fully informed, and provided copies of the documents involved.

It would seem that everyone involved was determined to not permit me to know the date of settlement, because it would permit me to possibly prevent another party from becoming involved. Documents filed with the court were ignored. Then scheduled for September 20, 2011. Then continued until after the sale of the home.

Judge Carluccio is clearly a party top this case. Her actions are clearly indicative of her active participation in the fraud committed against me. Her actions also indicate her participation in the fraud committed against the buyers of my home. Instead of acting responsibly and within the law she has instead acted to fuirther terrorize me.

The hearing of September 23, 2011 was not on the petitions filed and stated on the docket. Because of her wown scheduling issues there were no hearings.

HOWEVER, it is clear by the actions of the court and the transcript will reveal that the Hearing of September 23, 2011 was actually on a petition filed the evening before at 10:30PM which was not a valid petition as it was not signed or witnessed by either the lawyer or the Plaintiff. Yet, Improperly and against the procedures and the law, judge Calrtuccio held THAT hearing unbeknown to the Defendant who repeatedly questioned the relevance of testimony being provided by the plaintiff which was irrelevant to the petition before the court and consuming considerable time. The Defendant was not permitted to speak to the petitions which were before the court. Additionally the judge had no jurisdiction to hold that hearing while the Appeal is pending.

And then, once again, Judge Carluccio’s schedule became the deciding factor in justice. Without hearing testimony she denied all petitions before the court and issued an order for which she has no jurisdiction.

The criminal acts and fraud and denial of rights by Judge Carolyn Carluccio under color of law are inexcusable and terroristic in nature. There is no law in Judge Carluccio’s court. There is no justice in Judge carluccio’s court.
Judge Carolyn Carluccio is a terrorist using her bench as a turret from which she attacks, destroys, corrupts, lies, manipulates, threatens, and annihilates peoples lives. She does it while purporting to be following the law which clearly she is violating.

If the Appeal was not valid… they would have permitted it to proceed and it would have been denied. THEY DID NOT DO THAT. They intentionally delayed it and caused additional parties to be added to the issues. They attacked emotionally and permitted my home to be illegally sold out from under me and all of my possessions were destroyed and thrown in the trash. Emotional attacks from a Bully who cannot operate under the law.

The people I am battling in court are evil. The truth intimidates them. They take so many actions to deny the truth from being revealed. If they were following the law, this case would have ended years ago. They are too caught up in their conspiracy.

I want justice. Truth is very intimidating. Truth and justice will win over terroristic actions.

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