I’ve warned anyone who came close to getting involved that they would feel the affects.

I warned my mother that the stress of dealing with the nightmare every minute of the day would be difficult.
She thought she was ready for it. The stress is killing her and destroying her relationship with the entire family. She has had to watch the destruction of her family during the years when she should just be enjoying watching her grandchildren grow into adults. Instead, she rarely sees anyone.

The family has already been stressed beyond belief. No one talks to anyone.

I have made it a point to not involve anyone in anything. Not to put anyone in the middle. And every time someone finds themselves in the middle it is Sonya who put them there. It has been Sonya who manipulated them into action. It has been Sonya who lied to them to get them to do something.

Each time they complain about being put in the middle. They say that they do not want to be in the middle, I have told them to stay out. Sonya lies to them and has manipulated them into involvement to serve her twisted purposes. Sonya involves them in her misdeeds, then when I find out they complain to me about what they did. I have never put anyone in the middle.

Whenever new facts become available, I expect the attack. Emotional attack or otherwise. Facts are becoming more available, and revealing each persons involvement in Sonya’s Terroristic Divorce.

My mother sat the other day and cried in the kitchen. We had not spoken in a month, not since I was forced to leave and live on the street for a few weeks. Even though I was on the street, I still got the Appeal research completed and paperwork started and filed. While we weren’t speaking they couldn’t use my mother to create emotional stress.

We finally started speaking again.

With tear-filled eyes, my mother explained that on her birthday last week, Christine and Jennifer refused to go to dinner with her as had been planned. They did not tell her themselves. They didn’t sign her birthday card. Another tactic, they left that for John. John got the humiliating task of telling his mother on her birthday that because she was putting a roof over my head and supporting me, his wife and daughter weren’t coming to dinner. Emotional extortion. Humiliation. She cried that she doesn’t have alot of birthdays left further explaining how hurt she was because Jennifer and her were always very close.

I have never asked Chris or Jennifer to get involved in anything. I have not put them in the middle at any time. When Chris has found herself in the middle it has been because she permitted herself to be manipulated by Sonya. When discovered she has always attacked me for finding out that she was in on things. Chris has been directly involved with Sonya since the beginning. I’ve known that… If you don’t want to be involved, then DON’T GET INVOLVED. And when you find yourself in the middle, expect to see it documented on this web site.

Better that my mother and I are not speaking. Then they can’t use or hurt her anymore. Well, not as much anyway.

The emotional tactics don’t work on me any longer. So the tactics of forcing other people to emotionally antagonize me is their only angle.

The foolish games they play are tearing people apart. They have destroyed everything, every passion in my life, every joy in my life, they have taken my family, my friends, my career, my health, my home, my possessions have been thrown in the trash, and my teeth. They have done so with malice and clear intent. They violate every law and every court order. And the judges have permitted it. They have been excused from every offense, every violation of every court order. They win. Yet, their terror never stops.

The information on this web site and the truth must scare them so badly that they won’t stop until I am dead. I have made it quite clear, I’m not going to commit suicide. I have survived all this. There is nothing more they can take from me. I have nothing more to lose.

But they do…

Oh, that’s right. They haven’t gotten away with it yet. It takes years for corruption of this kind to get revealed. Every lawyer in the county knows this case. And not one of them will touch it.

If I had a lawyer, they would have targeted him and destroyed his career for exposing the INJUSTICE, CORRUPTION AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

I didn’t want to subject my mother to the stress of living with this nightmare all day every day. She said she could handle it. I also knew that I would have to deal with the impact on ME emotionally watching what they would do to her.

Emotional terrorists. Out of control. Evil. Endorsed by corruption. Powered by injustice and malice.

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