I was unable to access publicly available reports on contributors to the election campaigns of judges.
Then someone sent me the reports for Judge Carluccio’s campaign.

I really didn’t put alot of effort into it, but out of curiosity, I did review the reports.

And then a name jumped from the report… Would you believe there is a name from my story in among the contributors?

Someone who had been a good friend of mine since 1988. My wife hated her.
This friend had recommended Valerie Angst TO ME emailing me that “she is a barracuda”.
This friend who when she heard my wife had hired Valerie, apologetically said, “Oh Terance, I am so sorry.” Never explained. And then never returned a phone call.
I always had the feeling that she was not returning calls because she didn’t want to slip up and reveal something she knew.
This friend who I spoke to one day (January 2008) and in conversation she revealed something that only the surveillance software would have indicated.
This friend who never called again.

Not sure what it reveals… friendship between 3 women… Interesting to see this connection.

This friend had always said, “just call my name and I’ll be there.” She wasn’t.

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