There was so much of the conspiracy to deny me any justice on Friday it is hard to know where to begin…

I counted 6 or 7 of the Sheriff’s Department Staff present in the Courtroom. I always request an escort. Two deputies were there at my request. The only times I noticed their presence was as I went to hand up paperwork, the deputy always jumped up to did that for me. I guess it could be said the the judge was served with the Superior Court paperwork by the Sheriff’s Department in open court.

There was a larger than usual group of interns or law clerks. There was also a man who seemed a little disturbed at being noticed when approached and greeted by the judge’s secretary.

The judge committed, acted on, participated in, or fully endorsed so many unethical and criminal acts in this short session, it might take weeks to document it all. She did an amazing job of revealing her responsibility and cooperation in the terroristic divorce… and the malice of her Court Order is clear. Yes, the Judge uses Court Orders as a weapon against the defendant. To recap, she ordered me homeless, denied me my possessions, denied me my medical and dental benefits, denied me any compensation to any expense, denied me any enforcement of any court order which would have benefited me financially or otherwise,… AND even after all of that she has not yet approved the petition to proceed in a pauper status. Oh wait… she lied about that… on the record.

The Judge actually testified in the case… and LIED in the process. SEVERAL TIMES.
Not talking fibs… we’re talking outright bold faced lies… adamantly stated from the bench. The Judge was refuting my testimony, which I can corroborate with court documents. (I can corroborate my truth… their lies, well they’ll need some more lies to cover that up.)

The Judge accused ME of being intimidating. She could not possibly have meant physically. Perhaps she meant that the truth was intimidating. The truth is definitely on my team… and the power of the truth can be intimidating.

I am not intimidated by a corrupt judge who fails to do her functions according to law, procedures or ethics. A Bully who misuses her position to actively participate in the destruction of a man. I’ve indicated in other court documents that no other judge went so willingly into the corruption and conspiracy of this case than Judge Carluccio. I consider her actions to be criminal. Justice may one day be served. But, I am certain it will not happen in Judge Carluccio’s courtroom.

I wonder sometimes… if I was incorrect about the legal basis for the Appeal, what would be the fastest way to make this go away? Exactly. Send it up to Superior Court who will shoot me down quickly…

What did they do? Took steps to prevent the Appeal from proceeding. Failed to respond to paperwork. Attempted to prevent me from filing a document electronically. Attempted to prevent me from delivering a document in person. Attempted to further hinder me financially.

And all the while, the delay permitted them to sell my home out from under me… illegally. This brings an entire new set of issues as it affects another family. Their malice knows no boundaries.

Unless, I am correct, and they will be exposed. Oh…. and I am right, they blew it procedurally. They knew it when they did it. They did it to delay the appeal. they did it to allow themselves the time to hurt me even further. And they did sell my home illegally and threw out all of my possessions in violation of court orders. (Reminder: IMPUNITY = They NEVER follow court orders.)

Yes, I am correct. I am honest. I am a good person who has been terrorized by a divorce which has no reason lasting this long. So why has it? Only answer… They are no tinterested in divorce. Every since I proved the inital intrusion which violated Federal Law, this has been about destroying me so they never face charges. Family Courts can be very destructive. They destroy families every day. it’s their industry… and in my case it was the weapon of choice.

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