I fear they will murder me to silence me and prevent me from further exposing their crimes.

On Friday, so many of their actions which were clearly coordinated and planned were in direct violation of procedures.

The ethics violations were blatant… and once again done with the full knowledge of the court, ON THE RECORD.

The fact that the judge relenquished jurisdiction on July 18, 2011 retroactive to her order of May 9, 2011.

The fact the the Appeal to the Superior Court is pending does not permit the judge to retain any jurisdiction and requires her to maintain the status quo.

The fact that the hearing which took place was NOT the one announced.

The fact that the hearing which took place was clearly based on a petition which was improperly filed and not served on the Defendant. yet the judge who lacked jurisdiction was still issuing malicious orders for me to follow.

Maintaining the status quo did not happen… They continue to violate every law and procedure and make it more and more difficult to document their terror.

I fear they will attempt to murder me, or attempt to set me up for arrest. If that happens someone please prosecute them for the terrorist actions. Their psycopathic behavior should not be excused.

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