Everyday I see the stats… the Courthouse checks the web site… the Montgomery Township Police check the web site… Sonya Healy and her friends check the web site… my sons check less often but I notice when they do…

I don’t do anything secretly… I never have. It is not necessary. And I know they have me under surveillance, on and off, by law enforcement and private investigators, and private investigators working for law enforcement. And those who are being used by law enforcement to attempt to set me up. I’ve proved their surveillance.

I proved their improper use of people against me. I proved everything they were doing to try to set me up. They failed. They failed because the people they were ‘using’ recognized that I was being victimized. The people they were treating as disposable were finding that I didn’t disrespect them – even though I knew their motives (or at least suspected them until I proved it to myself). I never did anything to hurt anyone, not even the ones who were working hard to hurt me.

I proved that I was paranoid because THERE WAS A SECRET ORDER ISSUED BY A JUDGE THAT TOOK AWAY MY CHILDREN. I had no opportunity to defend against it or respond to an allegation, because I was not even supposed to know it existed. And the Courthouse kept the secret for 3 years. When I found it… I did not do that secretly.

I have survived the corruption, the conspiracies, the attacks, the failure of the court to enforce any court order (unless it was against me), the destruction of my family, the destruction of my extended family, the loss of my career, the complete financial destruction they caused with intent, the constant intrusions into my life, the complete lack of justice, the lawless and cruel actions of an out of control court so intent on concealing their criminal actions that they continue to destroy and terrorize A LONE MAN WHO HAS SURVIVED TO BE FURTHER VICTIMIZED. They do this because he survived their terror and harassment long enough to prove their crime.

They continue to destroy and attack because they know what they have done, what I can prove, and they fear the day that I file the Federal lawsuit that exposes the years of terror caused by the corrupt judges of Montgomery County… and then the other victims will reveal themselves. They have been suffering too… but alone… without a voice… without a way to communicate… without a way to persevere… without the resources to survive… afraid of the judicial retaliation of even speaking to me… afraid that the judges already know they have contacted me… judges who use extortion to hold your children hostage in exchange for your silence about your mistreatment. They tried with me, but my son was turning 18… and they already placed the great burden of their secret on him to keep him away from me. Taking away my right to free speech was not going to work.

When Judge DelRicci actually suggested during a hearing on their non-compliance with the custody order that in exchange for him enforcing the existing order (which was ignored for years without repercussion) he would order a list of words and topics which could not be discussed by me in front of my son. At 17, he was not a child who couldn’t handle a discussion. The ‘deal’ for enforcing the existing order was to further restrict the parent who just wanted to love his son again. OK, the repercussion for her non-compliance with a custody order for over 2 years would be to add to the order the opportunity to falsely accuse me of violating a court order.

Every family court story I have encountered has done this. A parent will do anything for time with their children. It guarantees that the corrupted, twisted and deranged family court will continue to harass the next person… because the victim of the family court has no idea of their malice, their power, their absolute corruption of law and justice.

Married parents be warned… look around… no one helps you when you fall into this court… and while you may be married now… this could happen to you. And when it does, the prior victims are so damaged at their own destroyed lives they can’t imagine helping. I’ve encountered many jaded opinions… one ponders that the Family Court Business can harvest its next victim and fill their quota and 40 hour work week… the victim gets victimized every minute of every hour of every day for as long as he can survive it.

With my apologies… No suicide. Not today.

I live another day to expose the crimes and misdeeds of Rhonda Daniele, Valerie Angst and Gerry Dougherty. While Carolyn Carluccio stalls the Appeal, juggles her schedule yet again, and I prepare for yet another hearing where I will not be heard. Why? Because judges do that to the victims of injustice. Because no one cares to stop them. Because they can get away with it. Because no one helps the victim in family court.

(And if you are watching the web site expecting a threat of any kind… you are wasting your time. This victim believes in justice. Not the same distorted justice dished out in the courtrooms of Norristown but justice where you find yourself held responsible for your actions and accountable and unable to hide behind the robe of a bully.

This site has never been about retaliation or revenge, it has been about prosecution and exposure. Prosecute the crimes. The story is here. Documented and true. There’s all the collateral info needed need to convict the perpetrators. The judiciary and law enforcement acting together to corrupt, conspire and deny citizens their rights. That is wrong. That is irresponsible. That is not liberty and justice for all. I hate to get all pirate-y, but that is treason. It’s a crime.

I believe in the justice system. I pray I survive to see justice

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