Regarding the sale of my home out from under me it should be noted that:

Valerie Angst was aware of the entire situation. If she was advising you, I can assure you she was doing it with the clear intention of involving you in her fraud. She has manipulated everyone involved in this case to improper action.

I did my best to advise everyone involved about the situation, yet the transaction was permitted to proceed.

According to testimony by Sonya Healy on September 23, 2011, all parties who participated in the transaction were aware of my objections to the sale of my home, and the actions which I had taken. i did not at any time take any action secretly. My actions were documented on this web site, the docket for the case in the Montgomery County Prothonotary, and additionally the docket for the case opened with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. I sent multiple emails and hand delivered letters to Keller Williams Real Estate. I spoke to the lawyer at Keller Williams direction regarding the actions I was taking with regard to the case.

Valerie Angst was aware of all of the legal transactions which were pending. I believe she was manipulating everyone involved into proceeding with a transaction with the clear intent of involving more and more parties to it. This has been her standard method of litigation through chaos. The more people involved, the more chaos she may interject into proceedings which continually fail to be accomplished on subject and within any time frame. The criminal malice being committed by Valerie Angst is done with clear and undeniable intent.

For some strange reason, Judge Carluccio has suspended all rules of procedure and law when it comes to anything executed by Valerie Angst. It is evidenced in the transcripts and the docket. There is hardly time to document ALL of the improper actions. This has been a standard method for Angst & Angst’s litigation.

The transaction which sold my home out from under me is invalid. And sadly, it now affects the persons who purchased my home, the real estate people, and their lawyer. How do you fix this?

Valerie Angst has demonstrated psychopathic behavior and seems to relish the terror and damage she causes to everyone involved. Judge Carolyn Carluccio, for whatever reason, is clearly an enabler to Valerie Angst. As such, it is not possible to remove her improper actions from the overall crimes being committed.

Lastly, a note to my son Colin:

I believe their next step will be to murder me. My murder would permit the crimes to go unpunished. BUT, They will need a scapegoat. Someone to pin the murder on.

Colin, you have been manipulated into a position for this act. They will blame YOU for all of YOUR actions in the past years and indicate that is why YOU would murder your father. Think about it…
– In July 2007, your mother called the police to report you were going to the house to beat me up. the police met you in the driveway before I even knew you were coming over.
– In October 2007, you were recorded from your own phone banging on the windows of the home and making threats against me and your grandmother.
– In January 2008, I had to call the police on you when you were protesting in front of the house and shouting at the top of your lungs.
– In August 2008, You began threatening me by letter.
– In April 2009, You filed a case for slander and liable. The Court ruled against you.
– They have always had you make the calls to police – with false allegations.
– They have put you in the middle of a divorce where they have acted to destroy our relationship. You allowed them to succeed at that.
Be careful of what they ask you to do next. You may be the next one they throw under the bus.
Your mother’s action have placed me in peril for over 5 years. None of their set-ups were successful against me. I am concerned they may next turn to hurt you or your brother… While I am ashamed of the way you have both behaved through this nightmare. You have been manipulated. Everyone who is manipulated by these sociopaths has been thrown under the bus eventually. You have seen what they have done. The laws violated. The lies. The perjury. The fraud. The corruption.
I sincerely think they are going to try to frame you as their crimes get further exposed and justice is served.
– Dad

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