I sincerely appreciate your experience. However, I will not let your lapse in justice deter me from seeking justice in my case. I understand the injustice experience. I am more disgusted at what my case has taught my children about the justice system. The readers of my web site will undoubtedly realize the power of one lawyer and one judge to pervert justice for all involved.

I have lost 5 years of my life and there is no sign they will stop persecuting me. The judge is preventing the appeal. If she wanted it over, then the appeal would have gone through and shot me down like lightning. It can’t go thru because their fraud is exposed. Their order is defective. There is no question, but they have no way to go back and fix it without their liability being exposed. So, I am stuck married forever, or until they admit their mistake and their malice in attempting to conceal the facts.

They will continue to terrorize me. To do things which cannot be repaired? My kids will never regain the high school and college years spent without their father. Do we now have to evict people from my home – sold under the void order. All of my possessions from my childhood have been thrown in the trash. My life. My pictures. Everything. Thrown out in malice because I caught their error. They want me to commit suicide. I won’t oblige them the suicide, anymore than I will give up my fight based on the disillusionment of your experience.

I have tried to prevent the situation from becoming impossible to fix. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has acted with extreme malice in her refusal to hear anything and to prevent anything from getting outside her courtroom. She is determined to destroy me to prevent exposure of her corruption. I tried to give her multiple exits as I realized how corrupted she was becoming. She refused all recusal requests no matter how detailed her corrupt and criminal actions were presented. She decided to destroy me through further corruption and malice.

I appreciate and apologize for your injustice, but I have no exit from their terror until they are prosecuted. I have known this since their first irreparable actions in August 2007.

I still ask for people to help, when no one will. I have no other choice but to hope for justice, or commit suicide. And I wish I were capable of suicide. I’m not. So I must suffer through their injustice until someone somewhere prosecutes them for the terror they have caused.

There is no other choice. They took everything except my self respect. The judge calls me intimidating. The truth is intimidating, and she is afraid of the truth being exposed. Someone, somewhere, someday will end my terror.

Nancy, I hope to celebrate that survival with you someday.

Until that day, I persevere and endure.
In all sincerity,

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