I have a policy where I do not post comments at this site. Frequently, the people who contact me also have cases in the Montgomery County Courthouse. They are afraid of retaliation.

Yesterday, I received the following comment. I publish it here ‘in full’ without any edits. And respond.

Name: Voice of REASON which you lack!

Email: Voiceofreason0001@gmail.com

Judge Carluccio is one of the nicest people I have ever met. ANY person who needs to start a blog to get out their imagined angst ridden delusions with the heading, “I am a sane man…” obviously is not. Not only is she fair, but she does listen and hear both sides and take every angle into perspective when making a decision. You blog about every Judge whose ruling you didn’t like or agree with, these people have had plenty of expierence and know the law, any ruling or order was made for a JUST REASON. NOT because they are part of a secret society or whatever else your derranged mind has concocted. I say this from the bottom of my heart GET HELP,go to an assylum you NEED IT!!!

1. For starters they don’t indicate their name. If you are so firm in your belief, why be anonymous?

2. I will respond to the email address, it will bounce back if fake. Again, why hide?

3. Carolyn Carluccio may very well be a nice person. As for Judge Carluccio, she doesn’t have to be nice. Judge Carluccio has a job to do. That job should be done with respect and in accordance with procedures, laws and ethics. That is what the people expect of the judiciary. Justice.

4. The blog was started for one simple reason. Data and document storage and organization.

5. Imagined? Nothing imaginary, there is proof of everything documented on the site.

6. Angst ridden? I will assume you were not trying to make a pun.

7. Delusions? Again, there is evidence and proof of everything documented. Delusions would not have documented tangible proof.

8. The heading sums up the situation succinctly. I am a sane man. I even have the paperwork to prove it.

9. Your diagnosis that anyone who says they are sane must be crazy is flawed.

10. Judge Carluccio has not been fair. You are wrong.

11. Judge Carluccio has not listened. You are wrong.

12. Judge Carluccio has not heard. She has not held hearings. Hearings are where people are heard. You are wrong.

13. Judge Carluccio has not heard both sides to anything. Read the transcript from July 18, 2011.

14. Every Angle… OK, there are 2 sides to a case. There should be no angles. BUT, you are correct. I believe Judge Carluccio has taken into account every angle. The Angle which has the greatest weight has been the obstruction of justice by the prior Judges on the case. I agree she ruled on the angle. Not on the case. She was protecting her fellow judges, and other county employees who have acted improperly, unethically and illegally. That Angle was not presented in the Courtroom, therefore ‘the dirty secret’ should not be considered.

15. Decisions. The decisions made by Judge Carluccio were to NOT have hearings on anything where the injustice would be exposed.

16. I write about the case. Whether I like the decisions or not. Considering the judges have granted impunity to violate procedures, laws and court orders to my wife and her attorneys, it may seem as though I disagree when actually it is the law which disagrees with them.

17. I agree with you, the judges know the law. They know exactly what they are doing wrong. They are doing it anyway. I was startled to hear the definition of extrinsic fraud – a specific kind of fraud that attempts to have people think they have no rights.

18. “Just Reasons”? Well, if what they are doing is JUST, they why is Judge Carluccio so determined to prevent testimony and evidence of the injustice. Judge Carluccio could have had the hearings and ruled against me. THAT would have been difficult to appeal. It would be a judicial error. Judges are permitted to make mistakes and not be held accountable. In court, if the judge does not ‘hear’ the testimony and evidence, it may not be considered in the decision. Judge Carluccio chose to obstruct justice by not holding hearings because if heard she would have no choice but to include that information in her decision and actions. It would also be on the recorded transcript. It is not enough to document the issue in a petition. The paper cannot be heard in a courtroom.

19. Secret Society? Um, what are you talking about? I make no allegations of secret societies. The courts are supposed to be transparent. The laws are published. The procedures are published. The ethics standards are published.

20. YOU concocted the Secret Society. Not me. So your diagnosis of deranged is wrong.

21. From the bottom of your heart, eh? I detect a lack of sincerity in your conclusion. And your erroneous conclusion provides the necessity for the heading.

“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS.”

Judge Carolyn Carluccio was in a position to help.
Judge Carolyn Carluccio chose to act improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law.
Judge Carolyn Carluccio has prevented a resolution of the matter.
Judge Carolyn Carluccio has made the situation worse.

I am sorry that your friend Carolyn Carluccio may not be the person you believed her to be, or would like her to be. I document her actions as a judge – the only way I know her. She failed as a judge. Not as your friend.

The commenter only viewed 3 pages on my site.
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress under Color of Law
??? Why?

The commenter arrived from GOOGLE while searching “Judge Carluccio” at about 6:30 PM on September 3, 2011.

The commenter arrived from BING while searching “Judge Carluccio” at about 7:20 PM on September 3, 2011.

Their IP address resolves to Blue Bell, PA

Comcast is their internet provider.

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