Another in the series of how my uninvolved sister-in-law, Chris, has become involved and is now having her husband act to make my life even more difficult. John’s repeated interruptions have resulted in my no longer feeling safe at my mother’s house. I am now on the street, hopping an internet connection where I can, walking in the rain, and the heat.

i….A sister-in-law isn’t involved, until she is caught.
iii..The Most Involved “uninvolved sister-in-law”
iv…My brother sells me out – He knew it was wrong, but his wife made him do it.

On Sunday, just as I was ready to assemble the appeal paperwork, the complaint to the Judicial Conduct Board, the letter to the Attorney General, etc… My brother arrives.

John pushed through the door and begins telling me that he is taking me to the hospital. This is because I am angry with HIM for HIS actions documented in the prior parts of this ‘story’.

I inform him that is not going to happen. He proceeds to follow me outside, back inside, and around the house. there is no getting away from him. He has decided to taunt me into an argument, then call the police if I get upset with his taunts. I’m not having any of this. I gather the files I need to get most of the paperwork accomplished into two tote bags. I grab the laptop and leave.

John follows.

I go down the street towards the church. John follows.

As I cross the church parking lot, I see he is still following. I dial 9-1-1.

John still follows.

The police meet me as I get to the highway. I explain that i am trying to get away from John and not get involved in any argument or otherwise. He is attempting to cause an argument with the intent being to have me locked up.

Things working against John:
He arrived to start the argument.
He is not living at my mother’s house.
He does not need to be there.
His motivation is questionable.
He has followed me across the neighborhood and out to the highway.
I am trying to get away from him. He is pursuing me.
Things had been quiet at the house before he got there.
He had arrived and caused trouble on Saturday also.
He had arrived and caused trouble on Friday also. (secretly delivering boxes)
He has no reason to be there, or to be involved in any part of my Sunday morning.
He’s not himself. Seems out of it. Acting irrationally.

I could have had him arrested. I didn’t.
I am still considering pressing charges.

John’s actions have caused me to be homeless, living on the streets, walking in the rain, passing the remainder of the day with soaking wet feet, begging internet connections where I can find them,…

I’m fighting for my life here. They seem determined to prevent the Appeal from being filed, to prevent me from contacting law enforcement, from exposing the crimes. I’ve always believed that John’s wife, Chris, was WAY MORE INVOLVED than she ever admitted.

She may have been able to make a Stepford robot out of John and get him to act inappropriately and do things which will make the court situiation more chaotic. But, I assure you, I’m having none of it.

I’m fighting for my life – to survive and to stay alive. And if you decide to get involved, better make sure you pick the side that is telling the truth. My truth is way more powerful than the lies and corruption. I’ve survived this long based on the truth. And they have not killed me yet.

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