Each day for the last 6 years I have been under threat of further attacks. There is nothing I can do to prevent them. There is no safe place.

The ironic part of the new threats is the goal is to lock ME up for the things other people are doing… And get this. I have asked them NOT to do anything. They have been hiding their involvement from me. No matter what anyone does, for me or against me, by Order or in violation of Orders, by request or contrary to my direction, I am at risk. I get threatened.

It’s not paranoia when they are actually doing things behind your back. Well, it is paranoia, but just not the imaginary kind.

Police have lied to me; and in violation of law and procedures had me involuntarily committed. I still suffer nightmares from the day that was done to me. I still recall dropping to the floor when they did that to me. August 8, 2007. Police refused to provide any police reports for the events of that day. Years later, they issued ones which still failed to indicate why I was removed from my home and locked away for 4 days. There were no charges, no allegations and no explanations. And the paperwork has other flaws to it as well. On August 8, 2007, the conspiracy began.

Judge Rhonda Daniele issued a Secret Court Order in August 2007 which effectively undermined every petition filed with the Court. That petition destroyed my family and was hidden until August 2010. Everything I tried to do within the judicial system was tainted by the necessity to protect Judge Rhonda Daniele’s injustice. I have never seen Judge Rhonda Daniele. I have read of her ruthlessness, and the actions she takes against anyone who challenges her. If you have a lawyer, she will destroy them if they fight for you or themselves.

There’s only one way to get a Court Order enforced. You must take the issue back into Court, and the Judge orders the party to comply, or be fined or punished, or jailed for contempt.

Judge Rhonda Daniele never enforced my wife or her attorneys to comply with any court order. Though her other secret orders arose a few times, cleaning out my mothers bank account, trying to railroad me into a jail cell based on other secret orders. Those secret activities were discovered and thwarted before I got snagged in their emotional attack.

It was noted by someone that Judge Daniele was elected at about the same time Valerie Angst began her clerkship at Montgomery County Courthouse.

Judge Daniele had also held a position at MCES. The psych ward the police threw me in when I reported the illegal computer surveillance.

Judge Rhonda Daniele never intended for me to find her Court Orders. When i did, there was no way that her orders were going to be turned back on my wife and enforced. Judge Rhonda Daniele’s Orders were intended to hurt me, to destroy me, to ruin me financially, and they were used for that purpose. But enforcing the items against my wife, well, that was not the intent of the orders. Your wife knew that, because she had a copy and knew what it said, and she was not doing anything she was ordered to do on the document.

Judge Thomsas DelRicci delayed any custody hearings for years based on a Petition regarding marital property. There was numerous requests for discovery, and continuances. In Pennsylvania, you are not permitted to petition for children and property together. Children are not property. Judge Del Ricci still delayed the hearings from December 2007 when filed until June 2009 when he mysteriously recused himself after not scheduling anything on the case for 3 months. During the pending time I was not permitted any time with my son. There was no explanation.

Judge DelRicci also threw me in jail after rescheduling a hearing 8 times and changing the purpose of the conference into a contempt hearing without notice. Judge DelRicci also rewarded my wife for burglarizing and vandalizing my home and poisoning my dog.

Judge Thomas DelRicci never enforced my wife and her attorneys to comply with any court order.

Judge Emanuel Bertin put all of his orders in writing. Even the one where he ORDERED me to split a couterpetition from a Response. Doing so resulted 6 months later in the issue being ‘not cognizable’ and dismissed with me to pay their fees. When they billed for fees, Angst & Angst included the fees for their unethical ex parte communication with Judge Bertin.

Judge Emanuel Bertin never enforced my wife and her attorneyrs to comply with any court order.

When I found the Secret Order from 2007 issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele, I had the prothonotary staff docket the newly discovered item. Judge Bertin then recused without explanation.

On the docket were left enforcement petitions relating to finances and health issues, Judge Carolyn Carluccio quickly misrepresented hearings, issues secret scheduling documents which were not distributed, lied about her extensive review of the docket, refused to reconsider when the ‘error’ was called to her attention, threw me out of my home, and has acted with extreme malice in refusing to resolve any issue. The transcript fro the last hearing resolves NOTHING. Judge Carluccio knew she was talking in so many directions that she refused to issue her orders in writing when requested. As such, her verbal orders could not be executed by the deadline given because the transcript was unavailable – AND that prior order would result in my being incarcerated (by mistake).

Judge Carluccio has refused to recuse herself even after her corruption was called to her attention. She responded in malice and spite at the my exposing the extreme injustices I have suffered before this Court. Judge Carluccio ORDERED me to be homeless, while I owned an unoccupied house I may not live in, while responsible for the $2600 mortgage,
while responsible for all of the bills associated with the house, while not permitted any access or say in what happens at the house, while my wife vandalizes the home which she abandoned in May 2007, and removes any marital assets from the house. She has no fear of enforcement of Court Orders.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio is especially determined because at the same time she knew what she was doing to me was wrong, corrupt, illegal, unethical, she refused to permit me any opportunity for a fair and impartial and unbiased judge in this case. She forced me to return to her court and expect justice – and prevented any alternative – while she attacked my spirit, my home, my only safety and sanctuary. She tore my home apart with malice and intent. She wanted to punish the one who survived the injustice and presented it in her courtroom.

The Judges of the Montgomery County Court of Common Please are NOT all as corrupt as the above named. However, those judges named here would cause anyone who has witnessed their corruption conspiracy and injustice to doubt the entire judicial system.

The Corruption I have experienced has brought down the entire system on top of me. I have experienced the most biased and corrupt individuals in their corrupt network.

After 6 years, I have my self respect. I never threatened anyone. I never hurt anyone. I was never aggressive. I never harassed anyone. I trusted professionals to do their job. I trusted the courts to provide justice. They have stolen everything I ever had in life, everything I ever dreamed, everything I ever believed in, and they did it in full view of a frightened world who would do nothing to assist me.

My 6 year battle with evil. I never had a choice not to fight back. When I did they destroyed me further until they had annihilated everything. They continue with the emotional harassment manipulating everyone. They won’t stop until I am dead but are too exposed to act. I won’t oblige them with the suicide they continue to try to evoke.

In August 2007, I realized it was life or death stakes. My Death or their Prosecution were the only exits.
The boxes, discs and piles of evidence are secured, I’ve been waiting for the prosecution to begin for 6 years… waiting for justice. It’s not about divorce… it’s about covering up lawyers advising their client to commit a crime and the lengths that those lawyers will go to cover up their illegal actions.

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