Here is where the rootkit is hiding… and no antivirus is detecting this????

It is in a virtual hard disk which is installing during the boot. The code is hidden as an element.
The VHD is created when the computer boots. It then causes my computer to run XP, but I am using Vista running inside the XP program.

When i asked a question on a forum the other day, I got a ‘don’t worry about it’ response to a simple direct question. Then they got rude. It was strange.

Then I noticed their technology background. And areas of their programming. And I knew that they knew exactly what I was proving. YET, they were blocking me.

They wrote BCD programs. They knew .php programming and obfuscation. They referred to themselves as hackers. Their internet store sold nothing. While I don’t think THEY were directly involved in my being hacked, their programs may very well have been.

What is “custom:45000001”?

I’ve long discovered that the Forums that are available seem to be very helpful to the people who contact them… BUT, they also never answer a question. They just send some code and the computer works again. The Requester is happy, they fixed his machine. OR DID THEY? Did they instead fix their broken hack code which was causing the problem. Maybe thats why they never got a how and why, just a free fix.

If you Google my forum user name (TeranceH) you will see how I NEVER get an answer to any question. The question always gets twisted, or chastized, or misrepresented, or I am accused of being a teen trying to get around his parents protections, or a number of other ways to not get an answer.

When I asked the question on the NEOSMART forum the other day, I was just curious to see if I might get a real answer. I didn’t. But, their response indicated they were hiding something, because their skills indicated they knew the answer. (I would post that exchange here, BUT I can’t get into their forum. Seems I am blocked from it currently.)

Tonight, an error message I have been getting for months has disappeared from my computer. It had to do with PHP and redirection. Another of their skills that they boast about on their site.

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