Another in the series of how my sister-in-law, Christine Healy, has decided to be openly involved in the actions against me.

i….A sister-in-law isn’t involved, until she is caught.
iii..The Most Involved “uninvolved sister-in-law”

Tonight, my brother John quietly drove into my mothers driveway. Unloaded unidentified boxes. And left.

Now why would John be quietly delivering boxes? Yesterday, he was directed to return any boxes BECAUSE it placed me in a precarious legal position.

He was told to return the items his wife removed from my home. That was met with him shouting at me, and threatening a liable and slander lawsuit, and further threatening to have me locked up. (The threat to lock me up is the new flavor to undermine any sense of security or safety. It is already totally overused. It is the irrational response to anything done against my wishes. Frequently occurring after I have explicitly indicated the potential legal problems the situation may cause and documented those issues with the Court. The more I document, the more I get threatened – psych ward, jail, death threats, etc.)

I am guessing these new boxes are the boxes his wife, Chrissie, was collecting when she sent him to threaten me on Saturday July 23. Chris was busy packing for her vacation, so why was she loading my possessions – stolen from my home – into her car and garage. And why did she send her husband out of the way to get it done behind his back? And why did she do this on the morning after another inappropriate pickup of boxes caused more chaos and frustration.

BTW, the chaos is Angst & Angst intent. Judge Carluccio has joined them in their chaotic actions by not issuing clear orders. Judge Carluccio REFUSED to document her order clearly for the parties. Judge Carluccio indicated the Order was part of the record, BUT Judge Carluccio never read the Order into the record. Judge Carluccio intentionally was causing more chaos. judge Carluccio will then indicate I am stretching this case out longer than it needs to be. She is wrong, but she does not care to hear facts, or the truth in her courtroom. In all of the judges I have been before, Judge Carolyn Carluccio is so far the most careless and blatently biased of the court. Judge Carluccio never resolves any issue based on facts, law, hearings or precedents. She never resolves any issues. Read the transcript for an example of her intentional ineptness in action.

John was told to return the boxes when he arrived with them the other night. As there is no order issued by the Court allowing me to have the items, it places me in a sticky situation. Sonya and the Angsts’s will lie about the contents of the boxes, the contents of the cars, the contents of the house. That will generate the usual chaos. Now they have two more excuses for items taken from the house. That THEY caused the items to be removed is inconsequential.

The Angst legal tactic of never telling a single complete truthful statement requires a considerable amount of energy to document. When you move into the courtroom environment where a very biased judge refuses to permit me to speak in complete sentences, or even complete sentence fragments, without interrupting. Well, the chaos they throw never permits resolution of anything. See the transcript of the last hearing for examples of the above – bias, interruptions, fraud, and chaos.

John was directed to return my items to my house. My house is about a mile from his house. Instead, John drove 6 miles to Warrington to sneak into my mother’s driveway and drop off boxes. I found them after he was gone.

My possessions are supposed to be secured in my house, which I am paying for while not permitted to live there. Just because Sonya can violate EVERY court order with impunity, does not mean that I will be permitted to participate in her violations escape a contempt charge.

So I have to document when my brother won’t listen to the legal situation and acts based on what his wife makes him do. His wife, Chris, has ‘not been involved’ and has ‘not spoken to Sonya’ in a long time. I’m sure that’s the truth, because they are long overdue for a truthful statement. Right!?

BTW, another of the tidbits that John delivered to me one day was the phone number for the phone Sonya used to speak to Chris one evening. John knew Chris was talking to Sonya. He checked the phone number on the cell phone. John wrote the number down and on his wqay to work the next morning called me to drop the info off and do a search.

The number wasn’t Sonya’s because Sonya was using a throw away phone. The throw away phone had been purchased near Alexandria, Virginia (where Sonya’s Sister lives – and I recall it was purchased in a PX where Sonya’s sister shops) Now why would Sonya be going to all the trouble to hide her phone calls by using disposable phones? She’s been hiding her phones since her January 2007 meeting with Angst & Angst. I had received most of her phone bills in the discovery process over the years. She never called her lawyer in those years. Strange, eh?

That time she couldn’t resist the first call on the phone – calling my son Colin. Yes, Sonya told my son Colin she was planning the divorce 5 months before I found out. She didn’t put my kids in the middle of her divorce. She forced them to protect her secrets, and that required no contact with their father or his family.

There is no equitable distribution when you expose the corruption and conspiracy of the prior judges and the chief judge of family court. The court’s revenge for the victim indicating the crimes against him is to punish the victim for noticing. And they have. And I am certain they are not done yet. They haven’t killed me yet.

Judge Carluccio wanted so much to be the judge to destroy me that she started with an appetizer of ethics violations in December 2010, cleansed her palate in February 2011 with speedy scheduling of an emergency hearing – interrupted when she discovered I was able to respond and counterpetition. But, for her main course, she benihana’d her schedule secretly cancelling hearings, rescheduling them for another day, march 29, 2011 (BUT SHE NEVER NOTIFIED THE PARTIES – she did it by email/praecipe to court admin.).

BUT,on March 29, 2011, the schedule game was exposed. Judge Carluccio then had to rescheduled them publicly on on an Order for May 5, 2011. Not to be out maneuvered, she then dismissed ‘all’ of the proceedings because INSTEAD OF THE HEARINGS YOU HAD PREPARED FOR 4 times already, she denied your due process right for a hearing. Judge Carluccio could not permit you to be ‘heard’ in her courtroom because you would expose the corruption of the prior judges on the record. Not in her courtroom you wouldn’t.

Instead, Judge Carluccio violated PA Law and instead conducted an extensive review of the docket with seriously flawed results. Understandable because while doing so she did not have the folder approaching 300+ documents checked out from the prothonotary. When this was pointed out, the folder’s sign-out sheet was no longer part of the public record.

When Judge Carluccio ‘accidentally’ forgot to cancel one of the renamed hearings, she then cancelled it when it was revealed that I was aware it had not been cancelled. Judge Carluccio cancelled it without notifying me, SO when I showed up for the scheduled hearing, she alerted security saying I had no business at the courthouse. When I showed the 7 deputies the scheduling order, they wondered why the judge sent them after me.

For the record, the Judge left one retitled hearing on the calendar. NOW, IF I DID NOT SHOW UP, they could say I did not appear and cancel anything they wanted. And Valerie Angst further sent the Judge an ex parte letter about the proceeding remaining on the schedule. Valerie could pretend she was under the impression there was a hearing too. That all fell apart when I showed up for the hearing, and was handed the cancellation order. A serious discourtesy to not have been notified of the cancellation the afternoon prior when the judge ORDERED the hearing cancelled. On Tuesday, when reviewing the docket with Court Administration, Judge Carluccio refused to put the Cancellation in writing two days prior to the hearing.

Judge Carluccio is breaking the law in her official capacity as a Judge, under color of law. Perhaps she thinks this is just another day at the office, BUT IT IS MY LIFE SHE IS PLAYING WITH AND IT IS THE ONLY LIFE I GET. These are not the actions of a judge to be respected, they are the actions of a sociopath, a conspirator and a fraud.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio is not fit to be a judge in this county. She has no respect for the law or the people who come before her expecting justice.

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