Wife hires lawyers who tell her to do illegal activity.

Computer and Phone surveillance.

Husband catches wife, she leaves the house.

Husband detects software on computers and contacts police – who indicate they can do nothing.

Wife & Lawyers hire Private Investigator to run interference.

Private Investigator also works with Drug Task Force.

Private Investigator contact Police with false report of threat. (Officer is also on Drug Task Force)

Police throw Husband in Psych Ward – in violation of laws and procedures.

Lawyers make deal with Judge who issues secret Court Order. MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION.

That Court Order would be used to extort and manipulate each subsequent judge assigned to the case into granting impunity to Wife and Lawyers.

Husband is repeatedly harassed and attacked. When reported to police it is ignored.

County Detectives ignore the complaints.

FBI ignores the complaints.

Husband is being framed as a drug dealer, however he is not and won’t fall into that trap. Character.

Husband is being surrounded by drug addicts, who he sees as people who need help and offers what assistance he can provide. Everyone he knows is either a Confidential informant, a private investigator, or a handler trying to distract him.

The Courts refuse to act in accordance with the law and procedure.

Husband has no choice but to continue to return to the Court and expect justice.

This goes on for 5 years… until the story is proven… and documented in court.

The judge denies any hearings because it will reveal the corruption and conspiracy of the previous 5 years.

Then the Judge, in a further act of cruelty, throws husband out of his home to hinder any effort at getting the matter into a Federal Court.

After surviving, 6 years of terror, where every part of my life has been stolen from me a piece at a time, and persevering through the darkest moments you can imagine, and surviving the humiliation of the events that have gone unexplained, I sit and wonder why are they still trying to destroy me?

It’s because no one will help.

Everyone I have turned to for help has been a part of the actions against me, or is so afraid of becoming involved for fear that they too will be attacked.

When will they let me live again?

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