If the biggest cyber threat the US has to worry about is China, then why have many government agencies secured their computers, laptops and networks using InterGuard from Awareness Technologies? (link)

Awareness Technologies is a company with direct connections to China. I’m re-checking my notes for the name of their parent company based in China. I traced this when the initial intrusions onto my computer were happening from Asia, with a great deal coming in from China. Why would the Chinese want to control my computer? That never made any sense. But I was also providing them with R&D. They were able to see everything I was doing to attempt to escape their surveillance program.

Awareness Technologies grew when they took a known virus/spyware program (ULTRAVIEW) and branded it as WebWatcher. This branding and marketing resulted in the anti-virus companies no longer detecting, preventing or removing the malicious code. The branding gave their illegal spyware some credibility and removed them from the virus/spyware list. Stealth spyware, with all of the invisibility of their programming, hiding in plain sight.

The WebWatcher program permits full remote control, surveillance, obfuscation, redirection and filtering. It can be installed invisibly without the target doing anything to cause the install. It is not invisible, though it has a suite of programs and actions it uses to hide from detection. Many of the WebWatcher surveillance program routines are written in Chinese.

It seems strange that the media is claiming China is the biggest cyber threat, and the government is securing their computers with chinese programming.

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