When trying to use the case viewer through the Montgomery County Courthouse Prothonotary web site, I once again receive an invalid certificate. I recall this being part of the reason I bailed on this approach before.

It would not be such a big deal, except that this security issue could allow the complete compromise of my computer. Permitting access to files, and devices attached to the computer.

Well, that… and Montgomery County was the location where the school district had been advised by the county detectives how to spy on the students laptops – stealth activating the laptop cams and taking thousand of pictures of underage children in their homes and bedrooms. Civil Rights?? Do they apply in Montgomery County??

And there’s my detected illegal surveillance and remote control issue that is overdocumented but completely ignored by the Montgomery County Detectives, police, FBI, etc…

The certificate involved had expired a few years ago. How do you suppose no one ever noticed that?

The message states:

This application will run with unrestricted access to your personal files and other facilities (webcam, microphone) on your computer.

The digital signature has expired.

The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate.


Daeja Image Systems Ltd

from: http://webapp.montcopa.org

The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired.

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