On Monday, August 15, 2011, I filed the paperwork for the Appeal.

After speaking with the Superior Court to confirm what needed to be completed, I went to Norristown as instructed. That’s where all the rules changed and the runaround begins again. Documents needed. Documents Not Needed. Hearing Required. Unavailable people. Schedules.

Now mind you, I got the research and paperwork started while living on the street and through the courtesy of a Diner owner with free internet use and a very generous spirit.

I’ve adapted to the court making things difficult to accomplish. I had so many versions of everything with me, that I didn’t let their sudden procedural changes deter me… or upset me.

The rules in Norristown are in a constant state of change. Their response to any request for their desk procedures is that they do not have them. Court Administration points to the Prothonotary. The Prothonotary points right back to Administration. (BTW, Lawyers do not have to go through this MANDATED UNDOCUMENTED ASSISTANCE.) Neither group can explain the praecipes I obtained which prove the conspiracy to secretly and improperly cancel hearings without notification to the parties.

It took over 2 hours to get the documents filed.

1. Notice of Appeal – with copies of the latest docket entries.
2. Certificate of Service – to opposing counsel – to Judge Carluccio
3. Requests for Transcript – for March 29, 2011 – for July 18, 2011
4. Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis – to cover fees for transcripts, etc.

In Forma Pauperis. Hearing is required before the current on call judge. Judge Carolyn Carluccio.

Since Judge Carluccio has not held a single hearing I have requested in over a year, what do you suppose the chances are of that hearing happening? and on a timely basis? Considering it is Judge Carluccio’s cruel and corrupt actions which have left me with no recourse but to appeal and presented the clear procedural defects which allow an appeal.

Considering the inaccurate and misleading and unethical legal advice she provided in the hearing on July 18th which finally released her jurisdiction and allowed me to proceed with the appeal – of her ‘unappealable’ order from May.

So here’s where things stand… THEY ARE STALLING…. thinking 30 day limit will either create chaos or distort the truth as has been their tactic. Forgetting the law allows for 5 years. (This is how those ‘oh i just discovered we are not divorced’ divorces occur. When they intentionally mess up the paperwork and then mislead you… ONLY TO DISCOVER YEARS LATER, that you are not actually divorced.)

IFP has not been handled… so Norristown will not send the Appeal paperwork to the Superior Court.

Superior Court will not grant the IFP, and offers no alternative.

Superior Court will not get the Notice of Appeal within 30 days. (As the order is defective, and is based on extrinsic fraud, there are 5 years available to appeal the order.)

Judge Carluccio can approve the IFP – since she caused my poverty with her inaction and cruel orders, this seems like an admission.
Judge Carluccio can deny the IFP – and further inflict her malice, this seems to reinforce her injustices
Judge Carluccio can delay the IFP – which is what seems to be happening so far this week.
Judge Carluccio can recuse… but why wait until now to recuse, after I have asked her to recuse several times and documented her malice, corruption, conspiracy, denial of rights, denial of due process… all those real tangible documented issues. Could she be afraid of the IFP?

So Judge Carluccio is able to further delay the Appeal.


Oh, yes, they are all trying to cover up the Secret Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele which was discovered about a year ago this week. Once I became a victim of that ‘secret’ injustice in August 2007, the only thing left was to be further victimized.

The period permitted for appeals is 5 years for defective orders and extrinsic fraud. How much will it cost to go through all of those hearings we had, and all of the ones we did not have? Will the taxpayers get upset that their $160,000/year judges are wasting time and money, just to hassle one man… who survived the annihilation of his life over the last 5 years.

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