Mr. Healy,
Let me waste some time by explaining why no one will help YOU. First note that I took my sensitivity training with Marine Corps infantry.

(1) There are somewhere between 2 and 4 million men and women who are trapped in these nightmares each year. Yet you DEMAND that we drop everything, ignore everyone else, and concentrate on rescuing YOU from the depths of your self pity.
After six (6) years the question isn’t why no one will help you. The question is why you are not helping others?

(2) I find nothing unusual or remarkable in what has been done to you in comparison with millions of others. Yet you make no apparent effort to reach out and help others. Why then should they reach out to help you. Until men in these situations learn to band together and help one another, as women have quite effectively done, the situation, including yours, is only likely to worsen.

(3) You complain of surveillance software installed on your computer that destroys your web-based business. If you are working in a computer field you are expected to take precautions against hackers and all of us have been hacked. So we use defensive measures. Why didn’t you? And why are we supposed to take pity on you for negligence or stupidity?
Also along this line the Equal Justice Foundation, at the recommendation and with the input of its members, also recommends the use of surveillance as a defense in these cases. Seems to me like you were simply outmaneuvered and outsmarted. Not something anyone is likely going to be able to help you with.

(4) You speak of 8 judges on your case. In my experience it is common to have 8 to 15 different judges on cases like yours, none of whom bother to follow case law or read the findings from previous judges. Also, judges are commonly “rotated” the week or day before the trial so that the judge hearing the case has no familiarity at all with the issues or previous rulings. Is whining and complaining going to change that? Am I to be expected to fix a problem with Pennsylvania judges from Colorado? Seems to me like we have enough problems with the judges here but I’m not asking you to fix our problems.
I frequently use the phrase “Dumb as a judge!” No one questions that the judicial system is hopelessly corrupt but apparently you completely failed to adapt, improvise, or overcome the judicial bias against you. Not my problem…

(5) So what are you doing to document the injustices that have rained upon you other than endlessly repeat yourself about what was done to YOU, and apparently only YOU in your little world? Do you think others should do your thinking for you? Did Mommy pull you off her tit and throw you out into the cold, cruel world?
I don’t even find a timeline of events or some background that states how you fell into this morass. Like no doubt many of the people that have suffered through your whining diatribe I’m about to take your ex-wife’s side in this case and suggest you may suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder. Possibly that is why you are still alone after six years.

Now I’ve wasted enough of what passes for empathy with me on you, you poor, downtrodden, unloved wretch. As the saying goes: “Man up!” Reach down, grab a hold of those boostraps and start pulling. Likely you’ll be surprised at how effective that can be but don’t expect me, or others to be willing to tie your shoelaces for you as you seem to expect.
I’ve copied this response to the list you replied to me with when I noted that we try and first help members of the Equal Justice Foundation. I got the strong impression that you expected preferential consideration above our members and contributors. in short, you pissed me off.

Charles E. Corry
Dr. Charles E. Corry email: ccorry@ejfi.org

Well, that response was a definite juxtaposition from what is presented at his web site. http://www.ejfi.org

The Equal Justice Foundation is a nonprofit organization of citizens from all walks of life working to:
• Restore due process.

• Reverse the loss of our civil liberties.

• Ensure equality for all citizens before the bar.

• Establish judicial accountability.

• Reestablish the rule of law.

• Maintain property rights and enforcement of contracts.

• Define marriage as a contract between men and women to provide for the upbringing and education of their children without collectivist interference.

• Preserve the secret ballot.

• Ensure open, fair, and honest elections.

• Make the Bill of Rights a living document in our time.

Our viewpoints and findings are presented by an eclectic array of male and female authors from a wide variety of fields, backgrounds, and viewpoints.

FOR THE RECORD, I have also offered to help anyone in any way I could and have done so for several – though it pained me more to hear their stories. My web site is not whining repetition. My web site is the evidence, the proof and the tools I needed to assemble the information. Information which I share on the web site so that it may help others who are in the similar situation and need to identify what is happenng to them.

It has me wondering if he would have behaved differently had I sent him the $25 fee he was asking for at his web site.

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