Yesterday at about 2:30PM, I received a call from someone in the Court Administration office. She indicated that the judge had sent the petition that I filed on August 15, 2011 to them, and she was asked to follow up with me.

The judge did not specify what further information was needed. AND I was informed that she would not.

The judge did not issue an Order regarding the petition. AND I was informed that she would not.

The judge did not write a memo seeking additional information. AND I was informed that she would not.

The judge had also still not scheduled a hearing on the petition. AND that would delay the Appeal I filed the same day.

The Notice of Appeal had been filed, BUT that package of paperwork will not be forwarded from the courthouse to the Superior Court until this petition is addressed.

The Admin suggested she would mail the petition back to me. I question the purpose of doing that as the petition was already filed. It had been initialed by Court Admin, as required. It had been taken to the Prothonotary and filed, as required. It was then forwarded to the Judge for scheduling. Procedures were followed. A Pro Se Defendant would not have been able to file the document if the procedures were not followed. Those procedures are unwritten, and unavailable.

What would be served by sending the document back to me? It would still have been filed. It would still be awaiting the judge’s attention. Mailing the document to me would not change anything. It would only create confusion and excuses.

Sending the petition back to me without any explanation as to why this action was being taken would serve no purpose.
The delay in the hearing on the matter causes the Appeal to be further delayed. But I think in the case of fraud and defective orders, an Appeal must be filed within 5 years.

Do you think that the judge is going to try to delay everything for another 5 years? Really?

The Petition is for permission to proceed In Forma Pauperis. It will excuse the fees involved in the further litigation.

I do understand, the judge is in a bit of a pickle…
If she approves it, she is admitting that she made me poor.
If she denies it, she is further demonstrating her cruel intentions.
If she delays it, she shows the SHE IS THE ONE DELAYING THINGS and not resolving anything.

When all else fails push the responsibility onto Court Administration and blame them for the ‘mix up’. The more the judges have tried to hide the injustices, the more injustices they have caused to happen. And it just never ends…

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