My wife’s lawyer told her to commit a crime. Computer and phone surveillance.

When discovered her lawyer hired the same PI the county uses in their Drug Task Force – a PI firm consisting of former FBI agents.

The lawyer at the same time had a judge issue an order which was kept secret from me. The secret order was found in August 2010 – it was used to manipulate every proceeding for 6 years. Simple divorce has gone thru 8 judges.

The PI made false reports to police who acting in violation of law and procedure, had me involuntarily committed. (Cop was also on Drug Task Force).

Police won’t do anything. FBI won’t do anything. County won’t do anything.

The Private Investigator has harassed me and attempted to set me up. I am not a drug dealer.

The Bar Assoc has been no help. No lawyer wants to lose their career up against 8 manipulated judges. The current judge is the president of the county bar assoc.

I am an honest man being destroyed to cover up the crime of a lawyer. They have destroyed me for so long, but the truth is on my side… but no one will hear it.

I pray for my death, yet wake each morning to be victimized further. No one helps. 6 years of pure hell is documented at www.work2bdone.com/live

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