I met you only this week… Today, you again extended your kindness and hospitality. Thank You.
It touched my soul and made my day easier to get through.


The law is clear on the statute of limitations for the filing of a Motion to Vacate Divorce Decree.

A motion must be filed within 30 days of the decree being entered if no fraud or defects are being claimed; if there has been intrinsic fraud, extrinsic fraud, lack of jurisdiction or a fatal defect on the face of the record the Motion to Vacate Divorce Decree must be filed within 5 years of the Divorce Decree being entered.
23 Pa. C.S. 3332, 42 Pa. C.S. 5505, Egan v. Egan, 2000 Pa. Super 261, Hassick v Hassick, 695 A.2d 851 (1997 Pa. Super).


After hearing what you have done this week, how do you expect me to ever trust you again?

You failed me. You were unsuccessful in carrying out ‘that’ plan because it was the wrong thing to do. You were acting against me, for all the wrong reasons. You were basing your information on the lies of an ‘unleveled’ person who was acting irrationally.

It did hinder me more. It put me out on the street. It slowed progress but did not stop anything.

I didn’t turn to the drug dealers for help. Sorry. Is that where you were pushing me? Didn’t happen.

I have my self respect. I’ve done nothing to sneak around behind anyone’s back. I have not tried to trick anyone. Yet, you did go behind my back with a known liar, and then you lie about it.

So Mom, how do you ever expect me to trust you again? You did re-affirm a lifetime of experiences.

(And if my sister wishes to know how I might reply to her text message last night, she should read her callous replies from our last txt msg exchange… and realize everything she wrote me was wrong. They were doing what I said, now weren’t they?)

“The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.” – Marya Mannes (1904 – 1990) American writer.

“Believe me I know what you’re going through because I’ve been through it SEVERAL times. I had a daughter to care for while it was happening. I didn’t tell all of my family about it, some I didn’t tell at all because I knew how they’d react.”

“Mentally and emotionally, I had to let them go.”

“I knew I had to keep myself together. I wasn’t going to let anyone make me unhappy, like that–it’s taken me awhile to learn from the whole thing. In fact, that is I believe the whole point of going through it, how to take negative things and make them positive, while not becoming negative yourself in the process.”

“In the end, it’s not about THEM, it’s about you.”

“You can’t be a warrior for justice, when you’re full of hate and anger against the individuals; these feelings must be transformed so that they can do good, where needed to destroy the system these individuals have created. Sure, that means making the individuals accountable but in a correct way (e.g. sending them to prison, instead of torturing them).”

“Sun Tzu said, “All war is about deception.” They have deceived us into believing in their court system and that they “decide” matters of justice. They don’t have the power to do that, you do.”

“You have to be your own savior, there is no other.”


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